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In 2018, a steering committee was formed to develop the master plan that would inform the future library. The team evaluated the physical aspects of the buildings, as well as the existing program and use. Throughout an eight-month period in the 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 academic calendars, the team held workshops, interviews, focus groups, and presentations. Through shared information and stimulating discussions, the team learned from the campus community. 


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To respond to the continuous change and increased engagement at Cal State LA, the University Library will embrace strategic risk-taking collaboration and diversity of thoughts as the path of innovation. Our four strategic Directions - discover, create, engage and transform - provide a set of goals that will inform our decision-making and guide the future direction of the University Library. 

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Position of the university library as a campus hub for knowledge creation and the development of innovative and strategic partnerships that support student success.



Deepen scholarly engagement with the campus community through the development of learner-centered services, technologies, spaces, events, programs, and exhibits.



Advanced discovery and connect the Cal State LA community with knowledge by increasing the visibility, use, and relevance of library resources and services to support teaching, learning, research, and creative activities.



Transform the library experience and the role of library professionals to advance research, digital scholarship, teaching, learning, and student success.

Collaborative Support for the Cal State LA Community

Collaborative Support for the Cal State LA Community

As more than a study space, the library beats as the heart of the campus where students can meet in groups and lounge between classes. Additionally, through strategic planning of partnerships and occupants within the buildings, the library can embody a synergetic energy that allows students to make discoveries through cross-disciplinary discussions. In recognition of this important social function, the Library’s Strategic Directions aim for a master plan that recasts the library as a transformative catalyst for students that advances intellectual discovery, enhances learning, and fosters a strong, shared sense of community. All combined, the goals of the master plan seek to re-envision the library as a dynamic environment that positively impacts campus and beyond.