Television Film & Media Center

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The Department of Television, Film & Media Studies and the College of Arts & Letters is pleased to announce the grand opening of our newest facility, The Television, Film & Media Center.

Situated on the hill overlooking the northwest area of campus, this state of the art instructional and production facility provides student resources in all phases of media production and critical studies.



Pre-Production Resources:

  • Mac Computer Lab featuring:
    • ​Final Draft screenwriting software
    • Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling software
  • Previsualization and CGI facial and full-body motion capture
  • Casting, rehearsal and conference spaces

Computer Lab

Production Resources

  • 2300 sq. ft. Sound Stage featuring:
    • RED One MX and Scarlet camera systems
    • 20-camera full-body motion capture & truss system
    • 4K floor monitors
    • 24 dimmer circuit overhead lighting grid and catwalk
    • HMI, tungsten fresnel and fluorescent production lighting
    • Taco cart and studio grip equipment
    • Lunchboxes and 300 amps of power for floor stand lighting
    • Matthews and Chapman dollies
    • Jib arm with remote-control head
    • Heavy-duty camera crane on motorized dolly
    • Elephant doors for set and scenery loading
    • A/V connectivity with Sound Recording and Mixing rooms
    • Audio field recording kits​

Sound Stage






  • Sound Recording Studio

  • Sound Mixing Room with ProTools C|24 system

Audio Recording Room

Post-Production Resources

  • Mac Computer Lab featuring:AVID Media Composer editing software
    • Digidesign ProTools audio software
    • Adobe Creative Suite with Photoshop, AfterEffects, Premiere
    • Final Cut Studio
    • Maya 3-D animation software​​​

  • Sound Recording Studio for Foley, ADR, VO and music recording​

  • Sound Mixing Room with ProTools C|24 system, PluralEyes and Logic


Audio Mixing Room

Screening and Critical Studies Resources


  • 15 seat Conference Room with 80” AQUOS smartboard, surround sound, multiformat A/V & web playback​

Conference Room

  • 30 seat Screening Room with theatre seating, 7.1 surround sound, display via  aser projection or 90” LED flat panel, multiformat A/V & web playback

    • 100 seat cinema screening in Sound Stage with LCD projection, cinema sound, and 24 ft. screen


    Screening Room

    TV Film & Media Center