Forms, Policies and Procedures

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff

The forms most commonly used by students within the College of Arts & Letters and the University can be found using the links provided on this page. If a form is not listed, please contact the main office of your department or an academic advisor.

For policies and procedures consult the current Printed Class Schedule and the University Catalog.


University Registrar: Records & Enrollment Forms

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  • Credit by Examination Request Form
  • Drop Request Form
  • Late Add Request Form
  • Leave of Absence
  • Nontraditional Grading
  • Registrar’s Office Appeal Form
  • Undergraduate Request for New Major/Minor


Undergraduate Studies

General Academic Petition


Probation and Disqualification

If you have been placed on probation or disqualified, immediately schedule an appointment to see an advisor. 

Arts & Letters Advisement

Undeclared majors may seek advisement at the University Academic Advisement



Course Overlap

Course Overload

Student Film Shoot Guidelines


Graduate Students

GS-8: Post-Baccalaureate/Graduate Student Status Change

GS-10: Advance to Candidacy Form

GS-12: Request for Thesis or Project Committee and Title

GS-12a: Comp Exam Form

GS-13: Approval Page for Graduate Thesis, Project Report, or Dissertation

GS-14: Approval of Thesis or Project

GS-16: Course Validation by Exam

Leave of Absence Instructions

Leave of Absence Petition

Course Overload

General Academic Petition for GRADUATE Requirements

Request for Graduate Credit for Undergraduate Work

Inter Disciplinary Studies

Graduate Handbook


Faculty and Staff

To facilitate the processes and daily operations within the College of Arts & Letters, and to provide guides to make the best administrative and academic decisions, please consult the current University policies and procedures:

Printed Class Schedule

University Catalog

Graduate Handbook

Faculty Handbook

Administrative Manual

Course Time Modules


Judicial Affairs

Academic Dishonesty Report Form

Statement of Grievance Form

Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities

Academic Honesty

Student Conduct Code

CSU Student Conduct Procedures (Executive Order 1098)

Grade Appeals/Academic Grievances

Non-Academic Grievances (Student Grievance Procedures)

Harassment, Discrimination and related Retaliation

Responding to Disruptive or Threatening Student Behavior: A Guide for Faculty and Staff

Academic Honesty


Public Safety

Behavior Concern Checklist

Comment on our Service

Campus Security Authorities

Emergency Operations Situation Report

Public Safety Work Request

Campus Emergency Plan


Parking & Transportation

Event Parking Request Form

Event Parking Waiver Request Form

Parking Citation Appeal Form

Parking Reservation Request Form