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Teaching Performance Assessment (TPA)

Background of the California Teaching Performance Assessment (CalTPA)

The CalTPA is a measure of your knowledge, skills, and competencies as a beginning teacher in relation to the Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs). It is a requirement of all Multiple Subjects and Single Subject teacher candidates who enter programs of teacher preparation in California effective July 1, 2008. The CalTPA is a result of legislation, Senate Bill 2042, which requires a summative assessment of teaching performance in pre-service teacher preparation. The assessment was developed by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing and the Educational Testing Service. It was field tested for validity by K-12 teachers and University education faculty. (CTC, 2007)

The Cal TPA at CSULA

CSULA uses the California Teaching Performance Assessment (CalTPA) to meet the SB 2042 requirement for a program-embedded teaching performance assessment. All candidates must pass each of the 4 Tasks of the CalTPA with a minimum score of 3 on an ascending 4 point scale in order to be recommended for an initial California teaching credential. Candidates are directed to the Candidate Handbook prepared by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing for a full description of the CalTPA, each of the 4 Tasks and the scoring rubrics, and the guidelines for completing each Task.

Guidelines for When to Take CalTPA Tasks

CalTPA Deadlines (Register on Taskstream by the Deadline):

Period 3
November 3 Registration closes

November 12 Submission period opens

November 19 Submission period closes

December 5 Scores released

CalTPA Support (Register on GET):
If you plan to take advantage of any of the CalTPA Support Meetings, be sure register on GET:

Multiple Subject

EDEL 4900 (2 units)

Single Subject

EDSE 4900 (2 Units)



Note: Submission automatically closed at midnight

CalTPA Coordinators:

Dr. Kimberly Persiani- (KHA 3034) Make Appointment

Professor Michael Haussler (KHB 2023) Make Appointment

To confirm codes for TPA registration (found at the bottom of the website page or see next page below), visit:


Once you have your code/s for the correct TPA and correct Submission Period, go to Taskstream to register.  Make note of all deadlines.  Missing these deadlines results in having to wait until the next submission period.

To Check Your Scores once they are Released:

1. Click on "Folios & Web Pages"
2. On the right hand side click on "Access your Inactive DRF's"
3. Open the Task.
4. Click on "Scores/Results"

Refer to the information in this link to access past information if you rolled your TPA into another submission period or are revising - LINK

Once you have your code's for the correct TPA and correct Submission Period, go to Taskstream to register. Make note of all deadlines. There is no flexibility for missed deadlines


Codes for TPA registration (see below)


TPA Enrollment/completion instructions
pdf iconTask 1
pdf iconTask 2
pdf iconTask 3
pdf iconTask 4
word iconVideo FAQ for Task 4
pdf iconFLIP Camera Instructions
word iconInstr - Upload Signature Assignments
pdf iconHow to view previous tasks(scores, items submitted, etc.)
For EDCI 300 Students
pdf iconTaskStream Student Guide - activate your subscription
Word IconRegister for single/multiple subject
Word IconCreating a WebFolio
pdf iconPortfolio Organization List
Word IconAccessing & Uploading to WebFolio
Word IconSubmitting WebFolio for grading


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