Certificate in Higher Education and Career Counseling

Welcome to Certificate in Higher Education and Career Counseling

This program provides postbaccalaureate students the competencies needed to succeed in the field of career counseling. Students will acquire competencies in the areas of: job development, integrated life planning, lifestyle and career development theory, career counseling, occupational information, community resources, assessment, cross-cultural counseling, and career counseling for special populations.

This certificate program requires the student to be in a graduate counseling program or to have already completed such a program. The student must have an advisor for this certificate program; course substitutions may be permitted only with adviser approval.

Professional standards in the field require that candidates possess a Master's Degree in Counseling for employment.

The certificate requires evidence of completion of 18 to 20 units, with a minimum B (3.0) average.  Students also complete an internship in a Higher Education or Career Counseling setting.  Refer to the Graduate and Postbaccalaureate Study: General Information chapter of this catalog for general regulations governing all certificate programs.


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