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Corporate Scholars Day

Corporate Scholars Day is a student and company opportunity session, where students can begin discussing new and upcoming activities and events with our corporate partners. Corporate Scholars Day creates new opportunities for networking and establishing relationships with corporate partners and students in the College of ECST. The upcoming Corporate Scholars Day is on April 5, 2012. Please Click on the "Corporate Scholars Day" Button to the left to Register.

Minor in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Information

All students interested in BINF, the new interdisciplinary Minor in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology starting next Fall, need to complete the prerequisite classes, Biol 100A and Bby the end of Spring quarter prior to taking BINF 400 in the Fall 2012. Remember that Biol 100A is a prerequisite for Biol 100B. For more information about the minor please visit/binf or request information via email from