Early Entrance Program - Orientation Information

Early Entrance Program (EEP) Orientation Applicant Fact Sheet

Please read this document carefully as it contains critical information regarding the admission procedures for the EEP and it may greatly assist you with concerns regarding the provisional summer process. Also carefully read the EEP Academic Policies document and all other related documents for additional information regarding the program, admission processes and/or the university.

Differences Between Early College Programs

  • Students accepted to the EEP skip high school, and sometimes parts of Jr. High, in order to complete their baccalaureate degrees.  The EEP is a continuous, full-time program with a normalized school schedule, academic and social structure and various policies and procedures designed to simulate a traditional secondary school environment.
  • The PACE is a part-time, discontinuous college enrollment program.  Students return to their normal school after completing one or two university courses during the summer quarter.  You may call the PACE at (323) 343-3131 for information about this alternative.
  • Students who apply for PACE and those who apply for EEP may take similar classes in the summer.  EEP students are completing a provisional quarter as part of the summer EEP assessment and application process.  This process includes student orientation meetings on Fridays, math and English placement exams, writing samples, reading assignments/requirements and interviews. PACE students do not complete this process; PACE students merely attend classes.
  • Attending PACE does not mean you are qualified or eligible for EEP admission.
  • EEP students attend classes with each other, with PACE students and with regular university students. 

Provisional EEP Registration Information

  • Please refer to the list of EEP approved classes and the summer schedule of classes to select 5 class choices. Please e-mail choices to:   rmaddox@calstatela.edu sometime after the EEP orientation in May. Please note your full name and choices in order of interest.  You will be notified of any problems with your choices through e-mail.
  • Students may not take Math or English courses during their provisional quarter.  If accepted, they take these classes in Fall.
  • Students will register for two (2) academic classes for at least (8) units.  Because new students register last, first choice(s) may not be available.  Summer registration will be via the GET Student Admin.  System (see summer schedule for registration info and instructions) and other registration info may be sent through E-mail and/or communiqué(s).  
  • Students will have a CIN # (student I.D. number) assigned to them upon the processing of the CSULA application materials and this CIN # will be used for all registration purposes. Students or parents may need to visit campus enrollment services (Admin 146 – see campus-map – administration building) to pick-up an additional PIN # needed to register. 
  • If students were in PACE last year and still have an active CIN #, PIN #, and identification card they may use these again.
  • Parents will need a copy of the signed Student Info Release form (part of the EEP application materials) and a picture I.D. to pick up a PIN # or CIN # in-person at Admin 146 student Enrollment Services.
  • Students should obtain a university picture I.D. card on campus at the Golden Eagle building, second floor. If you already have a Golden Eagle I.D. card, you may not need to replace it. For more information please call Student Affairs at 323-343-3100.
  • If students are not able to enroll in classes they may need to add classes through “walk-in” classroom requests during the first week of the Summer quarter.  Students should consult the Summer Mentors for more information on this process
  • Summer registration may be a frustrating process, please have patience, read all instructions in the Summer Schedule of Classes and check E-mail frequently for new information. 
  • EEP Provisional Admission Policies

  • The Summer quarter is 10 weeks long plus 1 week of Final Exams.  Because we cannot formally admit students until final grades are posted, students may need to begin at their traditional schools for a limited time in September.
  • The EEP application, including two Letters of Recommendation and school transcripts are due by the first day of the Summer quarter.
  • Provisional EEP students will be expected to attend all scheduled meetings and to complete all required tests, assessments and assignments.  A student Mentor team will help them during the summer.
  • Students applying to the EEP must be qualified for entry level university math (MATH 102) and english (ENGL 101) classes and must pass both the ELM (Entry Level Math) and EPT (English Placement Test) exams and any other assessment exams earning scores which will qualify them for entry to college level math and English courses (e.g. Engl101; Math 102) required by the University.  These exams may be taken during a student’s Provisional Summer quarter.
  • EEP applicants must receive an acceptable performance rating by faculty reviewers on all essay or writing assessments given by EEP staff during their Provisional Summer quarter.  Students accepted to the EEP must complete their English and math university requirements in their first 45 units of study.
  • EEP applicants will be expected to complete a reading assignment during the Provisional Summer quarter consisting of at least two (2) great novels or text (s) chosen by University faculty and/or EEP staff and/or they will demonstrate the completion of a history of readings.   Students who have previously met the reading requirement will be asked to demonstrate knowledge/familiarity with the subject matter. Applicants may also be required to make detailed analysis of reading (s) in order to display proficiency in comprehension and critical thinking skills.
  • EEP applicants must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA through their Provisional quarter with no grade (s) falling below a “B-” in all academic classes (in order to be eligible for the EEP); physical education, art activity, instrumental instruction, etc. are examples of non-academic.  Students accepted to the EEP are required to maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA through their first three years in attendance as an undergraduate and thereafter when possible and achievable.
  • EEP applicants and students have a lounge in the Fine Arts building, 218-219 for their exclusive use during the school day.  Lounge hours of operation are Monday though Thursday 7:00am to 6:00pm; Friday 9:00am through 2:00pm. EEP staff is available during normal business hours.  California State law includes a 10:00pm curfew for all persons under 18 yrs of age. Campus is closed during break weeks.
  • EEP applicants should maintain a regular presence in the EEP lounge as this facilitates the ability for assessments.   Applicants will also have a more enjoyable summer experience when they form friendships and interact with the Mentors and these relationships often are formed in and around the Lounge.
  • The final decision on EEP admission will be based on but not limited to the following: need, motivation & readiness for radical educational acceleration, maturity, emotional stability, academic achievement, social compatibility, character, potential for contributing to the program/university, responsiveness to direction, parental support, readiness for college math and English introductory coursework*, satisfactory completion of all provisional assessment(s)/ test(s)/ assignments and the overall need for, commitment to and appropriateness for accelerated studies at the university level.
  • *determined by successful completion of the ELM/EPT exams and/or other qualifying and appropriate scores
  • Students may withdraw their application to the EEP anytime during the Summer Provisional process.  Students are expected to continue their classes regardless of EEP withdrawal. Should students stop attending classes, they will be responsible for attending to all drop procedures as established by the University.  The EEP will not drop students from their classes and class grades are the responsibility of the students.
  • Students will be notified by mail of all admission decisions beginning Week #6 of the Summer term.  Students are expected to successfully complete the Summer classes regardless of admission decisions.
  • Students selected to advance to candidacy will be scheduled for Small Group Meetings Weeks # 7-10 of the Summer term to discuss the Program and their advanced status.  We are unable to schedule these meetings for all other applicants.
  • Students may be invited* to re-apply to the EEP. The University and the Program reserve the right to invite students to apply for the Program.  Once assessments are made all decisions are final. 
  •         *students must be otherwise qualified and under age 16 by June 1st of the re-application year
  • The University reserves the right to admit or deny admission to applicants. All applicants are given the same opportunity(ies) and are given equal consideration for admission. All applicants are treated equally and are afforded the opportunity to complete the application process. Every effort is made to review all submitted materials pertinent to the application process and all students are given the same opportunity to submit supporting documents regarding their application.
  • Final grades must be posted and the Faculty Admissions Committee must complete a review process before final admission is granted.
  • Final program admission decisions are made after recommendation by the EEP Director and staff and after concurrence of recommendation(s) are made by the Faculty Admission Committee.  Students applying may receive one (1) of the following three (3) recommendations: 1. Admission to full-time university study through the EEP; 2. Delay admission to full-time study or, 3. Deny admission to full time study, return to normal school.  Decisions to suspend or remove a student from participation will be made by EEP staff with the approval of the EEP Faculty Advisors and the appropriate and necessary University administrative personnel.

PHONE 323-343-2287       FAX 323 343-5575            
E-Mail: EEPstaff@cslanet.calstatela.edu or rmaddox@calstatela.edu

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