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April Del Cid                                                  Stephanie Wong                                             

April Del Cid                 Stephanie Wong - Reframing LA                      

Dr. Virginia Espino

Dr. Virginia Espino


Program Overview

Ma Yuan (Chinese, active c. 1190–1225)

The Cal State L.A. History Department faculty believes that historical perspective is fundamental to understanding the world in which we live. To that end, the department offers courses that investigate both past and contemporary societies and their peoples. These offerings cover all areas of the world in all time periods, from ancient to modern, explore all aspects of history, and offer both graduate and undergraduate degrees. The department also provides an institutional home for the university’s minors in religious studies and in labor and working class studies, and includes a chapter of the Phi Alpha Theta (the History Honors Society). It sponsors Perspectives, a student-edited journal publishing works of original research by both its undergraduate and graduate students.

The study of history is broad and interdisciplinary. Our curriculum and faculty offer unique strengths in:

  • the place of race, ethnicity, class, and gender in human experience
  • the evolution of ideas, cultures, values, ideologies, and knowledge-systems
  • the development of contemporary nations, states, peoples, and political structures
  • transnational and comparative studies, including the history of the Americas and world history

As a Department, we are committed to providing our students with a transformative, student-centered education, 

interdisciplinary, and rich in undergraduate and graduate research opportunities, while also enhancing the critical skills of writing, thinking, and analysis necessary to comprehend the range of human experiences from a historical perspective.

We are likewise committed to fostering a community of scholars comprising both professors and students that is ethnically diverse, professionally outstanding, and dedicated to advancing knowledge, changing lives, and transforming local and global communities.

And we are committed to educating our graduates to be successful professionals and responsible community leaders. To this end we aim to provide

  • the best secondary-school teacher preparation in the state of California
  • an outstanding foundation for careers in public history, law, journalism, business, international affairs, public service, and community college teaching
  • A rigorous pathway to further study of history at Ph.D.-granting institutions