Learning Outcomes

History Department Program Learning Outcomes

Proposed Revision: March 10, 2017

Undergraduate Program

-    Assess the intellectual validity and broader public significance of historical narratives using the major components of historical methodology.  

-    Interpret a primary source by placing it in proper historical context. 

-    Identify the primary components of historiographic debates.  

-    Formulate and execute a clearly-written, original primary source-based historical research project that demonstrates a close familiarity with how events and processes in a specific time period influenced each other. 

Additional Component for Teacher Prep Options

-    Create an effective lesson plan as part of a unit for classroom use in grades 6-12.

-    Acquire the training necessary for CCTC (California Commission on Teacher Credentialing) subject-matter certification in social science for K-12 teaching in the state of California.

MA Program

-    Evaluate the key characteristics and challenges of different historical methodologies and interpretations.   

-    Acquire literacy in the historiographies of two geographically-based historical fields or of global/comparative historiography. 

-    Formulate and execute a clearly-written, primary source-based historical research paper that makes an original contribution to a specific historiographic field.