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PreCalc/Calculus Sequence Chart

This is the flowchart of courses required for those whose major requires Calculus. To see course descriptions for the courses, see the e-catalog. For course equivalencies (articulation), see
Course flowchart for non-Life-sciences STEM majors


  • Arrows in the diagram above indicate prerequisites. Dashed horizontal arrows indicate co-requisite required by some students. 

  • MATH 1081 and MATH 1082 have the same course content, but Math 1082 has built-in math support and is required for students in Math Placement Categories III and IV. 

  • Math 1040 combines MATH 1082 and MATH 1083 in a single one-semester PreCalculus course. 

  • MATH 2110, MATH 2120, and MATH 2130 (parent courses) each have an associated support workshop (MATH 2111, MATH 2121, and MATH 2131) which is required for students at risk (grade of B- or lower in prerequisite course(s)), but is recommended for all. When enrolling into one of the parent courses, students will be required to also enroll in the associated workshop section because grades in prerequisite courses are typically not known during enrollment. To drop a workshop if not required to take it, please go to the math department office during the second week of classes. 

The prerequisites to Math 2110 can be met as follows:

  • By taking the respective prerequisite courses

  • By exit exam for the prerequisite courses (see University Testing Center for details)


You may also already have credit for one or both of the calculus courses if you have passed certain approved exams, such as specific Advanced Placement (AP), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), or International Baccalaureate (IB) exams with a minimum score. Please consult the section on course credit for approved exams for details.