Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the B.S. degree of the Natural Science Program, each graduate will have acquired:

  • The problem solving, analytical, and communication skills that provide a strong foundation for lifelong learning and progressive career development
  • A clear understanding of major science concepts and an awareness of how these connect various areas of the life and physical sciences

Specific objectives of the program are that students will have the following attitudes:

  • Studying science is relevant to everyday life and can be applied to daily life
  • All areas of science are integrated and interconnected
  • Ethical conduct in science is important

Students will be able to demonstrate the following skills:

  • Apply the scientific process, including inquiry, hypotheses building, designing and conducting investigative experiments
  • Principles of laboratory safety
  • Work in groups
  • Can give an oral presentation
  • Can locate and retrieving information
  • Can use mathematics and statistics to evaluate evidence
  • Can interpret graphs and tables
  • Can distinguish between fact and opinion with scientific evidence
  • Can write a scientific paper
  • Computer literacy