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School of Natural and Social Sciences
Department of Psychology


Heidi R. Riggio
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Office: KH D3083
Phone: (323) 343-5617
FAX: (323) 343-2281
Email: mailto:hriggio@calstatela.edu



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Educational Background Schedule & Office Hours


Teaching is a central part of my career that I enjoy very much.  I especially enjoy teaching undergraduate students, and working with undergraduate and graduate students on independent research projects. I enjoy teaching in areas such as introductory and social psychology, research methods and statistics, personality, sex and gender, psychology of the family, and critical thinking.  I have been teaching at the university level since 1996, and at CSULA since Fall 2005.

Teaching Interests

I am currently teaching several different courses at Cal State L.A., including Introductory Psychology, Social Psychology, Statistics, Sex & Gender, and Theories of Personality.

Research Interests

My research interests are in social psychology with particular emphasis on attitudes in interpersonal relationships; attitudinal and relationship consequences of parental divorce and marital conflict; adult family relationships, including adult sibling and adult child-parent relationships; maternal employment and adult offspring family and work attitudes; political attitudes and resistance to persuasion; social and nonverbal communication skills.

Representative Professional Activities



In press

Riggio, H.R., & Weiser, D.A. (in press).  Attitudes toward marriage: Embeddedness and outcomes in personal relationships.  Personal Relationships.


In press

Riggio, H.R. (in press).  Political party, strength of identification, and knowledge and attitudes toward Bush v. Gore.  Journal of Applied Social Psychology.



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Riggio, H.R., & Desrochers, S. (2006).  Maternal employment: Relations with young adultsÂ’ work and family expectations and self-efficacy.  American Behavioral Scientist, 49, 1328-1353.



Riggio, H.R. (2006).  Structural features of sibling dyads and attitudes toward sibling relationships in young adulthood.  Journal of Family Issues, 27, 1233-1254.


Riggio, H.R., & Halpern, D.F.  (2006).  Understanding human thought: Educating students as critical thinkers.  In W. Buskist & S. Davis (Eds.), Handbook of the teaching of psychology.  New York: Blackwell.


Desrochers, S., Halpern, D.F., Tan, S.J., & Riggio, H.R. (2005). The end of clinical psychology as we know it? A response to Snyder and Elliott's Four Levels Matrix Model.  Journal of Clinical Psychology, 61, 1175-1178.



Riggio, H.R.  (2004).  Parental marital conflict and divorce, parent-child relationships, social support, and relationship anxiety in young adulthood.  Personal Relationships, 11, 99-114.



Riggio, R.E., & Riggio, H.R.  (2004).  Self-report measures of emotional and nonverbal expressiveness.  In V. Manusov (Ed.), Beyond words: A sourcebook of methods for measuring nonverbal cues.  Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum.



Riggio, R.E., Riggio, H.R., Salinas, C., & Cole, E.J.  (2003).  The role of social and emotional communication skills in leader emergence and effectiveness.  Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice, 7, 83-103.



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Riggio, H.R.  (2001).  Relations between parental divorce and the quality of adult sibling relationships.  Journal of Divorce and Remarriage, 36, 67-82.



Riggio, H.R. (2000).  Measuring attitudes toward adult sibling relationships: The Lifespan Sibling Relationship Scale.  Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 17, 707-728.


Educational Background

Ph.D., Social Psychology, 2001   

Claremont Graduate University

Claremont, California


M.A., Experimental Psychology, 1996

CSU Fullerton

Fullerton, California


B.A., Psychology, 1993

CSU Fullerton

Fullerton, California


Fall 2007 Office Hours/Teaching Schedule


          Psy 202, Descriptive Statistics, MW 9:50-11:30am

          Psy 202, Lab MW 11:40am-1:20pm

          Psy 418A, Theories of Personality, MW 1:30-3:10pm

Office hours: MW, 3:30-4:30pm; Tuesday, 10am-12pm; Thursday by appointment.