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Cindy Lou Cantu

This is to introduce the Psychology Association to new and returning students and notify students about what’s new with the Psychology Association. For those who are unaware of what the Psychology Association is, it is a student organization that serves psychology students’ needs. It is run by students for students.

The Psychology Association is not to be confused with Psi Chi. Unlike Psi Chi, there is no criterion that needs to be met to join the Psychology Association. It is for all students majoring or minoring in Psychology that are interested in getting involved in activities sponsored by the Psychology Department and the University. Activities range from guest speakers to fun social events.

It is the goal of the officers to make almost all activities of the Psychology Association in collaboration with Psi Chi. They are two groups combined into one body. For those who are interested, the difference between the two organizations is that Psi Chi is recognized nationally while the Psychology Association is recognized by the University. Our goal is to create unity and a sense of camaraderie among Psychology students.

The goal of the Psychology Association is to create new and improved changes for the Psychology students. The Psychology Library is currently underway, it is located in KHD3071. The Psi Chi office is located in the Psychology Library, KHD3071-B. A bulletin board, located in the library, is currently under renovation and will be a communication site for Psychology students to check the latest activities being sponsored by the Psychology Association and Psi Chi.

It is important to keep in mind that nothing can be accomplished unless we receive the assistance and input of the most important aspect of the organization...YOU! Meetings are currently being held on Thursday at 1 p.m. in the Psychology Library. We encourage all to attend in order to get to know the members and allow the members to meet with the new officers. We look forward to your input. If you are not able to attend the meetings, I highly encourage you to share your thoughts via e-mail. My address is listed below.

Hope to see all of you,

Cindy Lou Cantu
Vice-President of Psi Chi and the Psychology Association


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