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Robert F. Kennison
Assistant Professor

Department of Psychology

California StateUniversity, Los Angeles

5151 State University Drive

Los Angeles, CA90032


Email: rkennis@exchange.calstatela.edu

Office location: King Hall C-3105

Office phone: (323) 343-2265

Department phone: (323) 343-2250

Fax: (323) 343-2281




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Welcome to my webpage.  I joined the faculty as an Assistant Professor in Psychology in 2006.  Below I outline my teaching and research interests.  You can also find a link to my laboratory webpage.  



My teaching interests include cognitive aging, life-span psychology, research methods, and statistics.  At Cal State LA I have taught or will soon teach:


Advanced Statistical Methods in Psychology (PSY 515)

Cognitive Psychology (PSY 424)

Psychology of Development: Maturity and Aging (PSY 462)

Descriptive Statistics in Psychology (PSY 202)




My research interests are in cognitive aging and are twofold.  The first area of research examines human memory performance across the lifespan.  This involves modeling of longitudinal data to determine the nature, rate, and shape of change.  Individual differences are often investigated, and models can be linked to determine whether change in one measure (e.g., health) predicts change in another (e.g., memory).  The second line of research concerns experimental studies of age effects in theory-based memory and learning models.  These include implicit versus explicit forms of memory and learning. 

Selected Peer Reviewed Publications and Book Chapters


Zelinski, E. M., & Kennison. R. F. (in press). Not your father's test scores: Cohort reduces psychometric aging effects. Psychology and Aging.

Kennison, R. F., & Zelinski, E. M. (2005). Estimating age change in list recall in AHEAD: The effects of attrition bias and missing data treatment. Psychology and Aging. 20, 460-475

Zelinski, E. M., & Kennison, R. F. (2004). Age-related changes in memory and mood. In M. K. Sun (ed.) Cognition and mood interactions. New York: Nova Science.

Light, L. L., Kennison, R. F., & Healy, M. (2002).  Bias effects in word fragment completion in young and older adults.  Memory and Cognition, 30, 1204-1218.

Zelinski, E. M., & Kennison, R. F. (2001). The Long Beach Longitudinal Study of Cognition and Aging: Evaluation of longitudinal effects of aging on memory and cognition. Home Health Care Services Quarterly, 19, 45-55.

Light, L. L., Prull, M. W., & Kennison, R. F. (2000). Divided attention, aging, and priming in exemplar generation and category verification. Memory and Cognition, 28, 856-872.

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Light, L. L., & Kennison, R. F. (1996). Guessing strategies, aging, and bias effects in perceptual identification. Consciousness and Cognition, 5, 463-499.

Light, L. L., & Kennison, R. F. (1996). Guessing strategies in perceptual identification: A reply to McKoon and Ratcliff. Consciousness and Cognition, 5, 512-524.

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McFarland, R. A., Hanna, K., Kadish, R., Kennison, R., Bush, S., & Bowd, C. (1990). Music during learning of a tactual-spatial task affects later response generation. Journal of General Psychology, 117, 411-423.

McFarland, R. A., & Kennison, R. (1989). Asymmetry in the relationship between finger temperature changes and emotional state in males. Biofeedback and Self-Regulation, 14, 281-290.

McFarland, R. A., & Kennison, R. (1989). Handiness affects emotional valence asymmetry. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 68, 435-441.

McFarland, R. A., & Kennison, R. (1988). Asymmetrical effects of music upon spatial-sequential learning. Journal of General Psychology, 115, 263-272.



·        Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Post Doctoral Fellow (T32 AG00037).  LeonardDavisSchool of Gerontology, University of Southern California

·        Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology, ClaremontGraduateUniversity

·        MA in Psychology, CaliforniaStateUniversity, Fullerton

·        BA in Psychology, CaliforniaStateUniversity, Fullerton

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