The Looking Glass

The Looking Glass

The Department of Psychology


Dr. Michael W. Roffe

I want to particularly welcome back the Looking Glass to the department. This newsletter reflects the vitality of the students whose special talents are in giving of themselves to contribute to a sense of community and for that I am grateful.

As I enter into my fourth month as Chair of the department I am keenly aware of the responsibilities and challenges that this role entails. My predecessor is a hard act to follow, as he always made the job look easy. He reminded me not long ago, as we chatted about the steady flow of details that cross the Chair's desk. " Did I forget to tell you; it's hard!". Yes, Michael you forgot to tell me!! Actually, the transition period went very smoothly and this was mainly due to Dr. Wapner's generous and informative attitude towards me...thank you, Michael.

It's said that new brooms sweep clean and I began by setting myself a first task of brightening up the department office, to create an atmosphere that all of us, students, faculty and staff could feel good about. I hope that has been accomplished. Coincidentally, as the department began painting its offices, several other departments did as well, including the refurbishing of King Hall itself. I'd like to think we were the trendsetters.

I believe we're entering a period of creativity and growth in the department. Some of that growth is already taking shape with the reorganization of several of the department's office spaces. Psi Chi has taken up new headquarters in the Psychology Library and has also taken responsibility for organizing the journals and books that are housed there. Dr. Phinney has taken the lead in establishing a Multicultural Research Center in the old Psi Chi lounge area, where she and her students will be preparing a major research project. Dr. Fischoff will be establishing a Media Psychology Laboratory for the development, study of pertinent issues, and archiving of media materials. For my own part, I am finishing the development of the World Wide Web pages for the Psychology Department which will put our programs and departmental activities on the information highway for general access. Also, this year the department is seeking to recruit a new faculty member who can offer our students teaching excellence and scholarship.

I look forward to the challenges of the upcoming year, and hope to get the opportunity to meet more of you as time goes on. This newsletter is certainly one forum to hear your thoughts and ideas, but I'm also not hard to find in the Psychology office.


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