The Looking Glass

The Looking Glass

The Department of Psychology


Carl G. Conklin

He sees the object of his field as a three dimensional, transparent world. A vision of which one must be able to look at from a multitude of angles and see the same things connected in different ways, and have the ability to explain them in other terms. Yet it is still the same tangible object.

There are those who use such knowledge to alter the existing facts, to manipulate the outcome of research. And there are even those who will use dubious methods to make that which is not into that which is.

I am speaking here about statistics and the man that can teach it at warp seven standing firmly at the helm. Here is a man that teaches a subject on methods as a subject of science. And he is fully willing to tell us when the line between the two has been crossed. Because this is what science is all about.

Let's stand in respect and applaud in appreciation for the sincere productivity and creativity of our own California State Los Angeles professor Jerry Tate, Ph.D.


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This may be the first time you have heard this from me. But let me assure you, it will not be the last. “It is my belief that we are not here just to take classes, take grades, take degrees, and go out and take a job. That is just too many takes and not enough gives. We are here to make a contribution, to give and to take. We are here to help and be helped.” Maybe, if we listen to the voice of the One who calls, we will make a successful journey; we will achieve our aim.

For me it’s merely following the call of the wild. Because, you see, it screams incessantly in my ears. Sure, I plan ahead. But it’s that inner voice, that inspirational nudge, or a Professor’s suggestion that points the way.

Where am I going? I don’t know. What I do know is that I’m on the right road. And it is my hope that we will each find our own way in which we can ease just a little of "Man’s inhumanity toward Man."


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