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School of Natural and Social Sciences
Department of Psychology

David R. Perrott
Professor of Psychology

Office: KH C3059
Phone: (323) 343-2266
FAX: (323) 343-2281
Email: dperrot@calstatela.edu


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rofessor Perrott has been in the Department of Psychology at California State University Los Angeles since 1968. His teaching activities have been quite varied ranging from the ubiquitous Introduction to Psychology to graduate seminars in Hypnosis, Psychoacoustics, and Comparative Psychology (sharks, house fly, etc.). His principle teaching load at the undergraduate level has been the Introduction to Experimental Psychology (a Junior Level) and Theories of Sensation and Perception (Senior Level).

Teaching Interests


r. Perrott's primary focus as an instructor, however, has been at the tutorial level with individual students. As a former member of the Minorities in Biomedical Research Sciences (MBRS), a current advisor to Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC) and a National Science Foundation principle investigator for the last ten years, Professor Perrott has directed over 50 master and doctoral dissertation's since establishing the Psychoacoustic Laboratory at California State University Los Angeles. Nearly one-hundred of the students who have completed projects under Dr. Perrott's supervision has gone on to doctoral programs (e.g., UC Berkeley, U. Oxford, U. Chicago, Cal. Tech. and M.I.T.). Training student for doctoral programs is, by far, the most significant aspect of his teaching focus.

Research Interests


esearch Interests: Spatial mechanisms including auditory and visual modalities (sensory function) and movement (eye, head, torso and limbs). While traditional problems continue to be studied such as concurrent localization of multiple sound sources, the laboratory group is also working on multi-modal problems (cross-modality localization) and sensory-motor tasks (aurally regulated gaze). All of this work has an applied as well as theoretical aspect which accounts for the long term association of the Laboratory with the U.S. Air Force and the Federal Aviation Agency. Much of the current thrust of the program is in the area of "virtual reality".

Representative Professional Activities


ublications and Presentation: Approximately 200 book chapters, journal publications and papers presented at professional meetings over the last 25 years.

Educational Background

Ph.D.,General Experimental Psychology,1968
Kent State University
Kent, Ohio
Kent State University
Kent, Ohio
Ohio University
Athens, Ohio

Fall Qtr.'2003 Schedule

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