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School of Natural and Social Sciences
Department of Psychology

Stuart Fischoff
Professor of Psychology

Office: KHD3083
FAX: (323) 343-2281
Email: sfischoff@fielding.edu


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have been on the faculty of CSULA since 1972. With occasional forays into less chartered terrain, the range of courses I teach include Personality, Social, Clinical, Experimental, Abnormal and Media Psychology. Many of these courses are taught at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. I supervise the Clinical Practicum course during the summer quarter and maintain a small private practice.

Teaching Interests


s my primary interest is in the area of Media Psychology, I conduct and supervise research in this area and write articles in academic and popular journals, magazines and newspapers. I appear regularly on television commenting on the psychological implications of various local, national and international trends, issues and crises. I also consult to the film and television industries on matters relating to accuracy of portrayal of character, motivation and plot structure. I have written three movies for television and am a member of the Writers Guild, West.

Research Interests


urrently I conduct research in such areas as credibility of press and electronic media, stereotypes of the mentally ill in the media, demographic differences in film preferences, TV addiction, and pre-trial publicity and its influence on jury decision making. Presently my research in on Favorite Movie Monsters and Why We Love Them.

I have established a Media Psychology laboratory to develop student interest in Media Psychology and pursue research in a variety of media-related areas.

Representative Professional Activities

Date Publications/Presentations
2000 Popular Movie Quotes: Reflections of A People and A Culture. With Esmeralda Cardenas, Angela Hernandez, Korey Wyatt, Jarod Young, and Rachel Gordon. American Psychological Association Convention, Washington, D.C.
March 4, 2000 Marrying for Fun and Ratings. L.A. Times, Voices, B7.
June,2000 Interview With Vanessa Paradis, Nova Magazine, 1,1,pp.110-114.
1999 Invited Address: Psychology's Quixotic Quest for the Media-Violence Connection American Psychological Association Convention, Boston
1999 Offensive Racial Cliches in Movies: Drugs, Sex, and Sensitivity. With Ana Franco, Elaine Gram, Angela Hernandez, and James Parker. American Psychological Association Convention, Boston.
1999 Invited Paper: Psychologists, Sex and Hollywood. Symposium: Miniconvention on Sex, Love, and Psychology. American Psychological Association Convention, Boston
1999 Gangsta' Rap and A Murder in Bakersfield. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, V. 29, 4, pp. 795-805.
1999 Science and Progress Commentary: Media influence on violent behavior. The Forensic Echo, V III. (6), pp. 14-15.
July 20, 1999 How do you find the core of your main character when writing a script? Online magazine of the Writers Guild of America in The Big Question feature section.
December,1999 The Media Violence Connection: Not Proven! Online magazine of the Writers Guild of America.
1998 Commentary on Warren Hinckley and Celebrity Stalkers. The Forensic Echo: Psychiatry, Law & Public Policy. Vol II, No. 10

Educational Background

Ph.D.,Psychology, 1972
New School for Social Research
New York,New York
M.A.,Psychology, 1965
New School for Social Research
New York,New York
B.S.,Psychology, 1962
Pennsylvania State University
University Park, Pennsylvania

Fall'03 Schedule

Course Sec.# Title Units Day & Time Room
Psy. 418A 01 Intro - Theories of Personality 4 MW 420-600pm KHC3100

Office Hours

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