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The Academic Advisement Center for Undergraduates in the Psychology Department at Cal State L.A. is one of the most valuable resources available to the new psychology student. This is because here at the Advisement Center a new student will be able to receive advice and information regarding the curriculum required for a bachelor's degree in psychology. The student can also come here to find out about departmental policies, campus events, and any other information a student may need about the Department.

At the Advisement Center the new student can receive information and advice from the people that will best understand their perspective -- other students. Since the advisors are all students themselves, after their training, they are excellent at helping other students. For instance, many of the advisors had the same questions when they first arrived at the campus so they can understand what new students are experiencing. However, if anyone should feel uncomfortable about working with a student or the coordinator, an advisory professor may be requested.

Joseph Antonio is the coordinator of the Advisement Center, a graduate student. He originally worked as an advisor before taking over the position of coordinator. He is in charge of training and scheduling the advisors that are currently staffing the facility. Some of his other duties include new student orientation and going to some of the local community colleges to inform prospective students about CSLA and the Psychology Department. This presentation also informs the students about the transfer requirements that will make the transition to Cal State L.A. easier. The position of coordinator and the overall management of the facility is overseen by Dr. Michael Wapner, the senior advisor.

While the primary function of the advisement center is to inform students about their general education and upper division course requirements, it also serves another important function. The Advisement Center and its staff help to assist new and/or transferring students adapt to the quarter system and a university setting, which can be a frightening experience to even the best of students. The new student is able to meet other students at the Center and see a familiar face on a regular basis, when so many faces are still unfamiliar. At the Advisement Center we also inform students about our Psychology Association "Psi Chi" and encourage them to join.

The Advisement Center is a great asset to the Psychology Department and the local community because of the services it provides. The Advisement Center also stresses the academic nature that is a university, but it also encourages fun and interaction between the students and faculty. It is services like these that make the Psychology Department one of the best departments on campus, and helps to make Cal State L.A. the fine institution that it is.

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