The Looking Glass

The Looking Glass


Carol Soudah, President -

On May 6, 1956, with the encouragement of CSLA and the Psychology Department, psychology students initiated a local chapter of Psi Chi to academically serve the students and faculty, and to proudly praise student excellence. Forty years later, Psi Chi, with sustenance and perseverance, continues to grow and serve. For forty years, the Psychology Department has proudly encouraged and strongly supported a student organization that honored those scholarly students in the field of psychology. With the enduring patronage of students and the continuous time and funds afforded by faculty, Psi Chi is able to enjoy a highly respected reputation amidst a distinguished department.

The best way to celebrate this momentous occasion is to invite all students (members andnon-members), faculty, and staff to join us this spring, April 20, 1996, as we enjoy a night of awards, dinner, and dancing at Almansor Court Banquet Hall in Alhambra. In addition, we will take an opportunity to appreciate Dr. Roffe's success in his first year as Chair, and request that he momentarily reflect on the past year. Our annual Psi Chi banquet is a semi-formal, festive event in which everyone is welcome to attend and encouraged to bring a companion for an elegant evening of fun.

It is an opportunity to mingle with those that you don't make time to chat with, those you wish to get to know, and interact with professors in a purely non-scholastic setting. New members are especially requested to attend, for they will be officially inducted and presented with their certificates and gold pins. What better way to catch your favorite professor dancing away to their favorite tunes?

Tickets will be offered in the Advisement Center and Psi Chi headquarters (D3071), as well as by chasing down officers in the hallway. If anyone is interested in helping us with decorating the banquet hall and/or other preparations, please contact me. We would appreciate any and all artistic collaboration.

Carol Soudah
President, Psi Chi


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