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The Looking Glass

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Michelle Butler

There's a great new resource for us on the internet: A bulletin board (BBS). This is a place for opinions, thoughts, intellectual exchanges, and emotional purging (within intellectual protocol, of course). I was quick to add a thread to the web, and eager to interact. I was the lone entry for some time. I would really love to see some interesting exchanges, information, and responses. I've decided to help you access the internet in hopes that you'll join me.

Get an internet account at network information services (NIS) account applications. It's in the basement of King Hall, room D140. Tell them Michelle sent you. You'll have to wait a few days for them to set up your account. Go to the open access computer lab, room 1039A library south, or any other computer lab on campus. Enter your ID, and your password. Make sure you are in scholar's work Environment. Click on Explore, then Netscape. Answer, "no" to the printer preference change. Now you're on the internet! Be patient with it. It likes to arrive at one destination before going on to the next.

Click the open button and type the address to our Psychology Department home page. It's, /sites/default/files/ academic/ psych/html/deptmenu.htm or you can get there the long way. Click the scroll bar on your right until you see ISIS Web Directory as blue text. This is called hypertext. It's actually a door to a new page. You can tell when something is hypertext because the cursor will give you a finger. Click on the hypertext. Scroll down until you see Departments, Divisions, and Programs. You guessed it, go through the door. Scroll down to Psychology and enter! Welcome to our Psychology Department Home Page! If you choose bookmark and add, the next time you enter all you'll have to do is choose it from the bookmark menu. Next step, come and play with me! Our playground is in Department of Psychology Bulletin Board (BBS) An Open Forum of Ideas.

Now you have access to email, word processors, statistical programs, etc. Our Psychology Department home page has doors to amazing resources. You can visit the home pages of other universities. There's an internet site called university home pages that is in the form of a map of the United States. You just click on any state you're interested in, and valla, a hypertext list of every university in that state. If you type the address http://, you have access to psychological organizations. You can get instant information on conventions. You can even get information on our professors! The resources are jaw dropping.

You can have access to all this from the comfort of your own home if you have a computer and a modem. The Netscape program and access to it is free to CSLA Students. I can help you download the program and set it up if you have a PC. I have the login language you'll need. No need to thank me, just send email. That's

I'm so sure that a cure for talking to myself on the network would be a good thing that I'll enter a poem I wrote. It has caused racial tensions for me here on campus. I invite you're response.

Squashing bugs is easy.
Imagine thoughtless ways.
Killing Jews is easy,
So is . . .
The complete version can be found on our own psych home page.

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