The Looking Glass

The Looking Glass

The Department of Psychology


A brief autobiographical statement

Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota, degrees in Social Psychology and Statistics

Dr. Pamela Regan

I'm very excited to be here at CSLA! My father is a Professor of Chemistry at CSU Dominguez, and I spent a year taking classes and working as a research assistant in the Psychology Department at that institution. As a result, I'm aware of the unique opportunities available to educators who work in the CSU system. In particular, I am delighted to be back in an ethnically diverse university environment. The fact that CSLA attracts students from diverse backgrounds, who have a plethora of life experiences to bring to the classroom, is extremely important to me -- both as a teacher who believes that such diversity enhances the educational experience of all students, and as a Los Angeles native who grew up in a multinational family. Although I've been on campus only a short time, I've found the undergraduate and graduate students in the Psychology Department to be bright, motivated, and eager to supplement their classroom work with research experience. Currently, I am collaborating with Teresa Whitlock (junior) on a descriptive study investigating seduction strategies and on a correlational study examining the relationship between ethnicity and mate selection. I find the teaching and research processes to be invigorating, challenging, and highly rewarding, and I look forward to a career at CSLA that includes sponsoring student research, teaching, and furthering my development as an educator and scholar.

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