The Looking Glass

The Looking Glass

The Department of Psychology


Carl G. Conklin

This is the FIRST and the LAST Summer edition for this generation of The Looking Glass. This one and only special Summer edition is dedicated to Dr. Michael Roffe in celebration of his first year as "The Chair" of the Psychology Department.

We will make this "short and sweet." It is because of Dr. Roffe's energy, desire, focus, talents, and his insatiable appetite for personal involvement that Psi Chi and The Looking Glass have enjoyed the successful year that we have. There have been ubiquitous improvements in the Department thanks to his endless efforts. Dr. Roffe is the one responsible for the instantaneous changes on our Psychology Department Web Site. "Last, but not least," Dr. Roffe was instrumental in the establishment of the Media Psychology Laboratory. These are just a few of his many achievements this year. Thank you Dr. Roffe. May we follow your example well.


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