The Television, Film and Media Studies Program Offers Two Graduate Program Options

In applying to the Graduate Program in Communication Studies (including critical studies in Television & Film) please remember that you must complete the university application procedures; domestic, international. This process is inclusive of appropriate documents such as official transcripts, and for International Students this also includes Financial Affidavit and/or TOEFL or IELTS scores.

Our department requires that you send an additional copy to us, but the university makes the initial evaluations regarding your acceptance to the university—so they need to have a complete file in order to make that determination. The department is then given the opportunity to evaluate your application to an individual program. Please remember: One copy of the required documents to the university, and another copy to the department as required. Attention to this detail will quicken the university-based decision on you application, thereby allowing the department to proceed with its determination.

1.  Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in Communication StudiesTelecommunications and Film Option

45-unit degree program


The M.A. degree Telecommunications and Film option is designed to enable students to acquire an understanding of research methods and critical approaches that explore media history, industry strategies and structure, and audience reception, as well as visual and structural elements of media texts. The program requires that students develop an area of specialization and select either comprehensive exams or a thesis project as their culminating experience.

Some examples of courses within this degree program are:

  • Research Methods in Telecommunications and Film
  • Critical Approaches to Television and Film
  • Television Studies
  • Post World War II Film/TV History
  • Narrative Studies in Film/TV
  • Cultural Studies
  • Theories of Mass Media

Students applying to the Telecommunications and Film option and whose undergraduate major was not Television, Film and Media studies may be admitted to this degree program in conditionally classified standing.  Prior to beginning graduate coursework, conditionally classified students must achieve a minimum B grade in every course of a conditional study plan of up to 30 units of undergraduate work designed and approved by the Television, Film and Media studies graduate advisor.

Descriptions of MA program courses

Communication Studies Graduate Program Handbook

Filming in the Music Quad

2.  Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) degree in Television, Film and Theatre

67-unit degree program

The focus of this MFA program is to immerse students in an intensive skill-based interdisciplinary program towards pursuing professional careers across all three mediums of production (TV, Film, Theatre) within one’s specific area/option. 

The MFA offers three formal options:

  • Option 1:  Acting
  • Option 2:  Production
  • Option 3:  Writing

Description and details of the MFA program

MFA program application forms