MFA Faculty and Areas of Expertise

Chey Acuna, Professor; M.F.A., UCLA
Video Production.

Enrique Berumen, Associate Professor; M.F.A., USC
Screenwriting, Documentary Production.

Alan Bloom, Professor; M.F.A., California College of Arts and Crafts
Film and Video Directing.

Steven Classen, Professor; Ph.D., U. of Wisconsin, Madison
Cultural Studies and Media History.

José Cruz González Theatre Arts
Office: MUS 238 Phone: (323) 343-4128

Paul Stuart Graham Theatre Arts
Office: FA 358 Phone: (323) 343-4112

Meredith Greenburg Theatre Arts
Office: TA 110 Phone: (323) 343-5124

Kristiina Hackel, Associate Professor; M.F.A., Ph.D., USC
Directing and Screenwriting.

James Hatfield Theatre Arts
Office: MUS 140 Phone: (323) 343-4131

Shiz Herrera Theatre Arts
Office: MUS 237 Phone: (323) 343-4120

Blake Jackson, Associate Professor; M.F.A., USC

Tanya Kane-Parry Theatre Arts
Office: MUS 239 Phone: (323) 343-6684

Theresa Larkin Theatre Arts
Office: MUS 243 Phone: (323) 343-4103

Hae Kyung Lee Dance
Office: KH 5106 Phone: (323) 343-4122

Kelly Madison, Professor; Ph.D., USC
Cultural Studies, Race and Ethnicity, Violence and Media.

Susan Mason Theatre Arts
Office: MUS 238 Phone: (323) 343-4113

Jane McKeever, Assistant Professor; M.F.A., UCLA
Sound Design.

Bridget Murnane, Associate Professor; M.F.A., UCLA
Producing, Directing, Editing, Videography.

Seónagh Odhiambo Dance Choreography, Performance Theory, and History
Office: KH 5104C Phone: (323) 343-5130

John Ramirez, Professor; Ph.D., UCLA
Documentary History, Theory and Criticism.

Suzanne Regan, Professor; Ph.D., U. of Massachusetts
Film History, Theory and Aesthetics.

Stephen Rothman Theatre Arts
Office: KH 3096A Phone: (323) 343-4130

Robert Vianello, Professor; Ph.D., UCLA
Television History, Theory and Criticism, Media Industry Studies.