MFA/MA TV and Film


  1. Students will demonstrate creative writing skills in the production of projects, plays, screenplays and/or scholarly essays (Skills).
  2. Students will gain competence as potential researchers and scholars in the field, whether in doctoral study or other research-based positions (Skills).
  3. Students will demonstrate advanced abilities to employ critical theories and insights in analysis of contemporary theatrical and media productions, practices and impacts (Skills).
  4. Students will know the industrial, historical and aesthetic components of theatre, television and film production (Knowledge).
  5. Students will have a greater appreciation for the social responsibilities of contemporary theatre and media, including responsibilities engaging notions of identity, ethics, politics and culture (Attitudes).
  6. Students will refine the skills for effective career building self-presentation in their professional interactions, communications, negotiations, and collaborations in the realms of higher education, the arts, and media industries (Skills).
  7. Students will gain practical experience in theatre, film, and television productions preparing them for professional careers in performing, production, and/or writing. (Skills).