Cancer Collaborative: Career Development

Career Development

One of the objectives of the Cancer Collaborative is to develop faculty talent. The focus is on the following three goals:

  1. Increasing the cancer focus of CSULA faculty.
  2. Increasing the minority disparities focus of COH minority faculty already engaged in cancer research.
  3. Increasing the research capacity of junior faculty at both institutions.

Career development will occur primarily in the context of collaborative research projects as well as a formalized program of mentoring and educational activities that are designed to increase overall research capacity, increase involvement in minority disparities research in field of cancer, and increase competitiveness in obtaining extramural funding in this arena.

Experienced population-based researchers at both partner institutions will oversee the career development program. Each mentored faculty member will have the benefit of a mentoring relationship in the context of the Pilot Projects. The mentor and project faculty, as well as students involved in the research, will meet a minimum of once a month to review progress, analyze and interpret data, discuss alternative approaches, and design specific aims for an eventual R01 submission. Senior investigators at each institution will also form a junior faculty advisory council and meet with each of the faculty engaged in career enhancement activities on an annual basis, at a minimum. These will serve as review sessions for monitoring the activities of the junior faculty and they will provide these faculty with the opportunity for individualized attention that is focused on career growth. Finally, in addition to the mentoring that occurs in the context of research, the mentored faculty in this program will engage in a variety of career development/enhancement activities designed to increase their overall research capacity, their capacity for cancer-related research, and their capacity for minority disparities research. These activities, all at COH, include the following:

  • Attend monthly Psycho-Oncology Grand Rounds
  • Attend selected Topics in Cancer Genetics (clinical cancer genetics, genetic counseling)
  • Attend selected lectures in Clinical Investigation Lecture Series
  • Attend Department of Biostatistics course on Statistical Inference and selected lectures of course on Clinical Trials Design
  • Attend selected seminars hosted by COH’s Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Attend course on NIH Grantwriting; work with COH grantwriter on specific proposals
  • Attend annual 2-day retreat of COH’s research scientists

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