PowerPoint Presentation - Understanding the Barriers and Facilitatorsto Adherence to Oral Chemotherapy in Hispanic Youth with A.L.L.

ÒTell me about any problems you had taking or remembering to take the pillsÓ
l  √íI have a theorythat if you take all your meds at a certain time it√ïll work for thatcertain time and then if you don√ït take it at that certain time then it√ïllwork differently.  I always had in mind, and itwas always in my head bugging me, √îoh, take your meds, take your meds√ï...knowingthe fact that it was best for me and for my health, that√ïs really the reason why I alwayswas – had time – to take my meds.√ì
19 year old Hispanicmale with A.L.L.