PowerPoint Presentation - Differential regulation of Id1, Id2, andTwist in myogenesis and osteogenesis

Human Id-1and Twist-1 promoter constructs
Bioinformaticanalysis ofhuman Id-1 and Twist-1
Designprimers for human Id-1and Twist-1 upstreamregions
Grow andisolate sufficientquantity luciferasereporter vector
Isolategenomic DNA fromfhMSC-SK-hTERT cells
Clone Id-1and Twist-1 upstreamregions via PCR
Ligatepromoters into vectors
TransformfhMSC-SK-hTERT cells
oMake Id-1 and Twist-1 promoter/reporterconstructs
oTo study transcriptional regulation ofTwist-1 and Id-1 indifferentiating MSCs

Performluciferase assays
Grow cellsand differentiate