PowerPoint Presentation - Prostate Cancer Outcomes by Race &Treatment Site

Does Where You Get Treatment really make a difference?
¢Mortality in General:
lVolume seems to make a difference
Â¥Supported by lit review of 135 studies
Â¥Cohort study using SEER data
¢Mortality After Prostate Cancer
lVolume seems to make a difference
lReview of 101,604 Medicare claims data
lNationwide Inpatient Sample
Â¥Prostatectomies between 1989-1995
Halm, E.A., C. Lee, and M.R. Chassin, Is volume related to outcome in health care? Asystematic
review and methodologic critique of the literature. Ann Intern Med, 2002. 137(6): p. 511-20.
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of prostatectomies, patient outcomes, and length ofhospital stay. J Natl Cancer Inst, 1999.91(22):p. 1950-6.