PowerPoint Presentation - Cultural Health Beliefs Study Report

Data Analyses
_Descriptive statistics 
_Pearson product-momentcorrelations
_T Tests
Descriptive statistics (mean, standard deviation, and range)
Pearson product-moment correlation was used to examine the relationship of acculturation of each ethnicity and health beliefs (aim 1), and examine cultural health beliefs and doctor-patient relationship of each ethnic group (
T test was used to examine differences between health beliefs and health behaviors of overall subjects.

ANOVA was used to test differences between health cultural beliefs and 5 treatment-related decision items. (aim 2)
T tests and ANOVA tests were used to examine the differences by ethnicities and language on acculturation and doctor-patient relationship
Chi-square test was used to examine treatment-related decisions and lifestyle changes by ethnicity.
ANOVA test was used to examine reasons causing breast cancer by ethnicity