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Cancer Research

This component of the Cancer Collaborative focuses entirely on population-based studies of minority disparities in cancer -- molecular epidemiology (genetic risk factors that differ ethnically), behavioral and psychosocial differences that affect outcomes. The Collaborative will provide funds for up to three Pilot Projects per year for research that partners CSULA and COH faculty investigating some aspect of the minority disparities problem. Projects will also include at least one CSULA student. Research funded by the Collaborative will directly address the cancer disparities problem by contributing to the knowledge base in the field and by raising awareness among faculty and students who are participating on the projects. Research partners will have full access to CSULA and COH resources and CSULA faculty will be eligible for appointment as Associate Members of the COH Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Pilot Projects must be collaborative research between CSULA and COH faculty. They should be designed for a two-year time frame for the purpose of collecting preliminary data that will lead to submission of a R01-level grant proposal. Pilot Projects must include at least one CSULA student working on some aspect of the research. Projects that involve one or more junior faculty member should also include a more senior research mentor who has experience gaining extramural funding.

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Presentations from City of Hope Faculty

Grant Reference

When publishing or presenting work funded by the Cancer Collaborative, please acknowledge receiving funds from the NIH grants:

1P20CA118783-01A1 and 1P20CA118775-01A

Funded Pilot Projects

Currently Funded:

  • Parenting Behaviors in Latino Childhood Cancer Survivors at Risk for Neurobehavioral Late Effects
    • COH: Sunita Patel, PhD, Principal Investigator
    • COH: Elvia Barboa, MA, Investigator
    • COH: Smita Bhatia, MD, MPH, Investigator
    • CSULA: Jessica Dennis, PhD, Principal Investigator
    • CSULA: Roxanna Rosen (Student)
    • CSULA: Tatiana Basanez (Student)

Project Abstract: Download

  • On Cancer Experience and Culture: Voices of Latina Survivors and/or Family Caregivers
    • COH: Betty Ferrel, PhD, FAAN, Principal Investigator
    • CSULA: Rita Ledesma, PhD, Principal Investigator
    • CSULA: Ester Hernandez, PhD, Principal Investigator
    • CSULA: TBA (Student)

Project Abstract: Download

  • The Role of Cultural Health Beliefs and Health Behaviors Among Chinese, Korean, and Mexican American Breast Cancer Survivors
    • COH: Jung-Won Lim, PhD, MSW, Principal Investigator (Jr Faculty)
    • COH: Patricia Gonzalez, PhD, Principal Investigator (Jr Faculty)
    • COH: Kimlin Ashing-Giwa, PhD, Co-Investigator
    • CSULA: Ming Fang Wang, EdD, RN, Principal Investigator (Jr Faculty)
    • CSULA: Lihong Yan (Student)
    • CSULA: Mee Yon Yum (Student)
    • CSULA: Ariel Bianca Moreno (Student)

Project Abstract: Download
Progress Presentation: Download | View
Powerpoint Presentation: Download | View

  • Understanding the Barriers and Facilitators to Adherence to Oral Chemotherapy in Hispanic Youth with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
    • COH: Wendy Landier, RN, MSN, CPNP, Principal Investigator (Jr Faculty)
    • CSULA: Cynthia Hughes, EdD, RN, Principal Investigator (Jr Faculty)
    • CSULA: Evelyn Calvillo, DNSc, RN, Co-Principal Investigator (Jr Faculty)
    • CSULA: Alex Martinez (Student)

Project Abstract: Download
Progress Presentation: Download | View
Powerpoint Presentation: Download | View

  • Prostate Cancer Outcomes by Race and Treatment Site
    • COH: Seira Kurian, MD, MS, MPH, Principal Investigator (Jr Faculty)
    • COH: Lennie Wong, Co-Investigator
    • COH: Calan Sun, Co-Investigator
    • COH: Lennie Wong, Co-Investigator
    • CSULA: Karen Nielsen-Menicucci, Co-Investigator (Jr Faculty)
    • CSULA: Gail Washington, Co-Investigator (Jr Faculty)
    • CSULA: Leslie Nigos (Student)

Project Abstract: Download
Progress Presentation: Download | View
Powerpoint Presentation: Download | View


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