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As a student as CSULA you can augment your major with a minor, which will allow you to gain basic knowledge in a second field related to your major or career choice. the catalog states:

A minor consists of a formal aggregate of courses totaling 18 or more quarter units, of which at least 12 units must be upper division and taken in residence at Cal State L.A. A minimum C (2.0) grade point average is required on all course work taken to complete the minor program. The minor will be noted on the student's transcript if the individual program has been approved by the offering department, division or school and is completed at the same time as the work for the degree itself. requirements for the minor must be completed either before or simultaneously with requirements for the degree. Minors will not be granted if any requirement of the minor is completed after requirements for the degree.

Since courses may double count for major and minor degrees, a minor can often be completed without too many additional courses (through judicious choice of electives in the major or by taking alternative courses as indicated on the individual pages for each of the major/minor combinations). By following the links in the table below you will be sent to an advisement page that lists the requirements for the particular minor, points out how to integrate minor and major with the least additional course work, and gives guidance for selecting the upper division courses. Information on course offerings and prerequisite structure are also listed to assist in your planning. For information ont he proposed Bioinformatics minor, click here.

Chemistry Major & Biology Minor

CS Major & Biology Minor

Math Major & Biology Minor

Physics Major & Biology Minor

Biology Major & CS Minor

Chemistry Major & CS Minor
Math Major & CS Minor

Physics Major & CS Minor

Biology Major & Math Minor

Chemistry Major & Math Minor

CS Major & Math Minor
Physics Major & Math Minor

Biology Major & Physics Minor

Chemistry Major & Physics Minor

CS Major & Physics Minor

Math Major & Physics Minor