Counter Test # 2

The Center for Interdisciplinary Quantitative Analysis (CINQA) promotes the importance of quantitative analysis in the Life Sciences by bringing together faculty from five disciplines: Biology, Biochemistry, Computer Science, Physics and Mathematics. The goal of CINQA is to improve the quantitative skills of life science majors at California State University, Los Angeles, supported by a grant from the National Institute of Health (NIH).

This interdisciplinary team is creating a modified curriculum for life science majors by connecting course topics in biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics. We are creating a new mathematics sequence for biology majors that focuses on mathematics applications from biology and preparation for mathematical modeling.

Another curricular goal of CINQA is the creation of a bioinformatics minor, which has two different paths: one for life science majors and one for other science majors (physics, math, chemistry, CS). The goal of this minor is to give students a basic foundation in bioinformatics, which can lead to employment in the field or future graduate study.

Besides curriculum development and associated training of faculty, CINQA brings together faculty and students from the different disciplines through its speaker series. Faculty and students from the five disciplines present their research in the series with a focus on interdisciplinary applications or use of methods from several disciplines.

The CINQA website provides general advisement on mathematics requirements common to all of these majors, as well as specialized advisement for course selection in minors of the five disciplines. Faculty from the CINQA disciplines have selected courses that best complement the major for a given minor. In addition, the CINQA website provides advisement resources for faculty and students in Biology and Microbiology.

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