Sexuality and Power


9th Annual CSGS Student Research Conference


May 14, 2013


University Student Union

3rd Floor












Gender, Sexuality and Power

Student Research Conference


CSGS Mission

The Mission of the Center for the Study of Genders and Sexualities is to promote cutting-edge research and scholarship in gender and sexuality at the intersections of race, class, religion, ability and nation. We maintain that empowering and socially relevant knowledge is generated most effectively through close interdisciplinary collaboration among scholars, students, and community members, both on and off campus.




9:00-9:15       Registration and Continental Breakfast

3rd floor, U-SU

 9:15-10:15    Session I  San Gabriel and Montebello Rooms

10:30-11:45  Session II Pasadena, Montebello, and San Gabriel Rooms

12:00-1:15     Lunch Los Angeles Rooms ABC

1:30-2:45       Session III Pasadena, Montebello, and San Gabriel Rooms

3:00-4:15       Session IV Pasadena, Montebello, and San Gabriel Rooms


9:00 - 4:00   Community Organization Resource Fair


9:15-10:15     Session I:


Exposing and Expanding Hip-Hop: Dance Crews, Video Vixens and Citizenship

(San Gabriel Room)

Moderator: Professor Dionne Espinoza (

“Asian American Hip Hop Dance Crews”

- Allan Axibal


            “Superhead vs. Karrine: A Tale of Two Identities”

-          Amber Wright


“Undocumented Music: Belonging and Citizenship in LA Based Hip-Hop”

            - Daniel Topete









Culture and Iconography: Race, Sexuality, and Gender

(Montebello Room)

Moderator: Professor Paula Marin (

“Images of Women on Bulgarian National Currency Depicting Gender Differences in Historical Perspective”

- Petrouchka Alexieva


“The Poetry of Jose Asuncio Silva from the Perspective of Gender and Queer Studies”

-          Paola Andrea Gomez


“Historical and Mythological Depictions of Mexican Maleness”

- Ulises Moreno


10:30-11:45  Session II:


Transgender Health and Well-Being   

(Pasadena Room)

Moderator: Professor Talia Bettcher (


“Transgender Health Care”

- Megan McKamy


“Performing Ability, Reaffirming Gender: Proving the Disabled Female-to-Male Transgender Subjectivity”

- Thun (Bo) Luengsuraswat


“FTM Community and Gendered Self-Concepts”

- August Faustino


Commodification, Labor, and Agency

 (Montebello Room)

Moderator: Professor Sharon Oselin (


“Feminist Theory on Male Sex Work: Reworking Theory and Discourse on Gender Based Violence, Patriarchy, and Heterosexism”

- Aaoron Blasyak


“Agency in Question: A Study on the Migration of Indian Brides”

- Smitha Thippanna


“Women as Commodities”

- Stella Poltavskaya



Challenging Representations of Gender and Sexuality in Media

(San Gabriel Room)

Moderator: Professor Ann Garry (


“The Production of “Queer” in the Visual Medium: A Case Study from “Xena: Warrior Princess”

- Michelle Kellaway


            “Humiliation Television as it Pertains to Gender”

- Princess Manasseh


“Same-Sex Dating” and its Presentation by MTV”

-          Hector Fried


Lunch 12:00-1:15

Conference Address:  Professor Talia Bettcher,  Director, CSGS

                                          Jennifer DeClue, Conference Coordinator

                                          Brittany Little, Vice President, The Queer Connection


Music:                               Trio Marisol y Los Hermanos Carlos


1:30-2:45       Session III:


Perspectives on Black Womanhood: Capitalism, Heteronormativity, and Health

(Pasadena Room)

Moderator: Professor Melina Abdullah


“HIV Amongst African Women”

- Joyce Barbour, Vanessa Lopez, Jordon Randolphh


“The Effects of Capitalism on African Women of the Diaspora”

- Khadijah Greenwood, Shardey Fields, Staci Mitchell, Tabia Shawel


“Re-Definition of Black Womanhood”

- Franque Bains, Thabisile Griffin, Ebere Asogu, and Arcadia Levias


“Heteronormativity, Violence, and the Black Womyn Queer Community”

- Latoya Burgess, Carmell Demerson, Luisamaria Flores, Richard Kim


McWar VS Jihad: Global Violence and Oppression affecting Middle Eastern and US Women

(Montebello Room)

Moderator: Barbara Shank


“Afghan Women Pre-War and Post-War”

- Vagik Babakhanian


“Abuse and Women in the Military”

- Jennine Klein


“Honor Killing and Oppression of Women Around the World with Emphasis on the Middle East”

            - Sandra Ramos


            “Intimate Violence and Murder in the US”         

- Abran Esparza


“The Role of the Veil and Covering of Women in Different Cultures with Emphasis on the Middle East”

- Ashley Day


“The Commodification of Women in the US”

- Vanessa Harris


Queering Spaces: Porn, Violence, Costuming, and Activism

(San Gabriel  Room)

Moderator: Professor and Associate Dean Bryant Alexander (


“Gender Role Beliefs and Intimate Partner Violence”

- Deborah Laurin


“Queer Pornography and the Production of a Queer Erotic Aesthetic”

- Sarah Wheeler


“Adults in Costume as an Expression of Alternative Sexualities and Identities”

-          Matt French


“Queer Undocumented Student Activism”

            - Adilia Torres


3:00-4:15       Session IV:


Exploring Public and Private Gender Roles

(Pasadena Room)

Moderator: Professor Victor Viesca (


“Double Identity to Succeed in Society”

- Guadalupe Gutierrez


“Performing Post-Feminist Identity in the Post-Production Industry”

- Julia Wright


“Dynamics of Self-Efficacy in LGBTQ Romantic Relationships”

- Sonia Legaspi


Attitudes and Policy: Immigration, Adoption, and Transphobia

(Montebello Room)

Moderator: Professor Chorswang Ngin (


“Attitudes Towards Transpersons on College Campuses”

- Lesbia-Guadalupe Lopez


Attitudes of Public Child Welfare Social Workers Towards Prospective Gay Foster and Adoptive Parents”

- Jessica Burpee


“Mexican Immigrants Outside of the Nation: My Search for Gender and Sexuality within Mexican Migrant Imaginaries”

-          Reina Rodriguez


“Border Crossers: Queer Eye for the “Illegal Immigrant”

- Ulises Moreno



Resisting Appropriation: WomenÂ’s Bodily Autonomy

            (San Gabriel Room)

            Moderator: Professor Beth Baker-Cristales (


“Unexplored Causes and Unanswered Questions: Current Conceptions of Eating Disorder Etiology”

                        - Kathryn Hill


“Identifying Services Policies of Rape Clinics in the Los Angeles Area”

- Leah Hernandez


“Reproductive Rights in Mexico 1970s-1980s”

                        - Erika Morales