Gateway to Resources for Economists

Resources for Economists on the Internet -- This is the most comprehensive listing available on the web. .

AmosWorld -- Believe it or not, an entertaining and instructive economics site. Highly recommended - the approach is informal and humorous. You don't need a degree in economics to get a lot out of this site. Recommended for teachers at all levels.

Economic History Services --Home pages of The American Economic History Association, The Cliometrics Society, The Business History Conference, The History of Economics Society, The OZNZ Society (Austrialia and New Zealand Economic History Society) and The International Economic History Association. There are other goodies for economic historians including abstracts of papers, on-line data bases and archives of various Economic History realated news groups.

Internet Resources for Economic Historians--There are also sites and lists here that may be of interest to students and teachers of economics and history at all levels.

Dr. Ed Yardeni's Economics Network -- Ed Yardeni is the chief economist of Deutsche Morgan Grenfell/C.J. Lawrence. In his "Chart Room," you will find numerous charts of U.S. macro, financial, and some industrial material. With "Economic Indicators," you will find data from the latest releases of statistical material. There is also a "Weekly Economic Analysis," a "Weekly Economic Analysis," and "Topical Analyses," which are self explanatory (some material on this site requires that you be a subscriber to access it).

UNO Gateway to Economic Information on the Web -- This is just what it says that it is! Enter and explore.

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco -- Information on California and the West. A Gateway to the Federal Reserve System.

FRB Cleveland Sources for Current Economic Data -- First rate source for economic commentary and information. .

FRB of Minneapolis Economic Links -- The Beige Book is available through this site.

International Economics Gateway -- Much of this material is intended for professional economists but anyone interested in international economics can find something of interest here.

Ohio State Department of Finance -- For those playing the stock market game. Lots of resources for investors.
gopher://NBER.HARVARD.EDU:70/1/ -- National Bureau of Economic Research publications and data sets.

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