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Welcome to the CCOE Foundation Scholarships, Fellowships Teacher Grants Center!

            The creation of this website was sponsored by a CSULA mini-grant awarded to Dr. Ann L. Wood in 2007.  She used the funds to support three Student Assistants who helped her search for undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships for CCOE teacher candidates and educational professionals, as well as for grants for practicing teachers for classroom and school projects.  These three different forms of financial awards are the links of this Centers website at which you can find the name and contact information about foundations that sponsor different financial awards. 

            Every year family and corporate foundations award scholarships, fellowships, and grants to thousands of university students and teachers across the United States.  You can be one of these students too and obtain free money for college or a classroom teachers project.  This website has been established to help you locate appropriate undergraduate scholarships, graduate fellowships, and grants for teachers classrooms and/or school projects.    

Family and Corporate Foundations

            Family and corporate foundations are nonprofit organizations whose goal is to give monies to individuals or projects that they choose.  The foundations use these philanthropic gifts as tax write-offs, and recipients get tax-free money to pay for college expenses or classroom projects.  Unlike financial aid offices at universities, foundations are usually less interested in your grade point average (GPA) or your level of financial need.  If they do have requirements or eligibility stipulations for funding, these will stated be explicitly in the foundation description, and you need to follow them exactly.

            This is an online resource center that provides you with lists of foundation scholarships, fellowships for masters degrees and Ph.D.s, and teacher grants for classroom and school projects.  We have done the searching for foundations for you and these have been screened as appropriate for teacher education candidates, students seeking fellowships for masters degrees in education, and teachers seeking grants.  All you have to do is select a foundation and write an application letter to the particular foundation that you select following the foundations instructions.  You can also print the foundation lists out in PDF format from this website.

            You will find sample letters for scholarships, fellowships, and teacher grants under each of the website links.  Please read these carefully as they will give you suggestions for how to compose foundation scholarship application letters.  You also need to pay close attention to the content information for each of the foundations you select.  Then write a one-page letter (no more) or complete an on-line scholarship application that the foundation requests. This letter should use words that the foundation uses in its application description and should be free of errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, word choice, or paragraph construction.  So please have several people help you proofread the letter before mailing or emailing it. 

A Few Basic Precautions

            First, you may apply to any number of foundations at the same time, but you never want to write a mass produced letter.  Each application letter should be personalized and demonstrate to the foundation how well you match its specific criteria.  Each letter should emphasize this match; it represents Òa self advertisement of why you deserve their funding.  This is why identical, mass-produced letters do not work.

            Second, do not bother applying to any foundation for which you are not eligible, i.e., whose requirements you can not match.  Doing so wastes your time and theirs.  Foundations never negotiate on eligibility requirements.  The task is to find a foundation whose application requirements you do meet.  So just move on when you do not match their requirements.  There are thousands of foundations.  You can find one whose requirements you match perfectly. 

            Third, receiving a foundation scholarship or fellowship may reduce the amount of your negotiated financial aid at the university.  You need to check this with the CSULA

Center for Student Financial Aid Office at 124 SA or call (323) 343-6360. However, receiving a scholarship or fellowship can always help you avoid taking out student loans or lowering the amount of your student loans that you need.  So applying for foundation scholarships is always worth the effort! 

            Lastly, never lie, fabricate or even write anything misleading about yourself in a foundation application.  If you do not match the criteria for a particular foundation scholarship, fellowship, or teacher grant, just ignore it.  You can always find foundations whose criteria you do match.  Stretching the truth about yourself is never a wise move in seeking funding from philanthropic organizations.


Take the Time to Apply for Foundation Funding

            There is nothing more cost effective than writing a one-page letter or application and receiving several thousands of dollars for this effort!   It is investing relatively little of your time and effort in lucrative financial gains.  You deserve to benefit in this way!

            Some of you may be a little turned off by having to apply as an older, non-traditional or returning student or as a Latina, or as a woman.  But, these are simply categories of people used by foundations who have particular interests in giving their money to members of these groups. Applicants have no idea why a foundation might have specific interests based on group membership.  But, here is some advice.  If you belong to a group to which a foundation wants to give money, then just go for it.  Apply and accept the money.  Consider yourself lucky and enjoy the financial award.


What You Need to Do Now

            If you are an undergraduate looking for a scholarship or a teacher candidate needing funding for completing a teacher credential program, click here.

            If you are a graduate student looking for a fellowship for a graduate educational masterÕs or Ph.D. program, click here.

            If you are a teacher looking for a grant to sponsor a classroom or school project, click here.  

            If you have further questions, please contact Dr. Ann L. Wood at or call her at (323) 343-6156.