Winter 2003 CIS 283 Introduction To Application Programming

Course Lecture Notes

The course lecture notes will be available in PDF/PPT format once the class starts.


 Chapter Topic


Lecture 1

Aug 2nd (Tue)


Introduction to Rails, Gems, Githubs

·       MVC, REST

·       Netbeans

·       Mogrel Server

·       Gems, Github connection

Lecture  2

Aug 8th (Mon)


Model: DB setup and Active Records Association


·       DB configuration on Rails

·       Database creation/connection

·       Associations

·       Relationships: has_one, has_many, HABTM etc

Lecture 3

Aug 9th (Tue)

 Model: Active Record Migrations and Validations

·       DB Migrations

·       Object-Relational Mapping (ORM)

·       Validation

Lecture 4

Aug 10th (Wed)

 Model: Call Backs, Scaffolding and DB Query

·       Callbacks: before_save, after_save, before_create etc

·       Scaffolding

·       Console

Lecture 5

Aug 15th (Mon)

 Controller: Methods

·       sessions, filters, and cookies, data streaming

·       dealing with exceptions raised by a request, among other topics

Lecture 6

Aug 16th (Tue)

 Controller: Rails Routing

 Unit Test

·       Routing

·       Debugging in Netbeans

·       Unit Test

·       Test Driven Development (TDD): FactoryGirl, Shoulda, Fixture

Lecture 7 Aug 17th (Wed)

 Views: Layouts and Rendering

·       Rendering and redirecting using content_for blocks

·       Working with partials

Lecture 8

Aug 20th (Mon)

 Views: Helpers and Forms

·       Helper and Forms