Laura E. Romero

One of 13 children raised in Ensenada, Mexico, Laura worked as a seamstress for Gratianne e Hinojosa for six years before moving to Anaheim. When she came to the Jeffrey-Lynne Neighborhood Center in 1995, she attended ESL classes and weekly education presentations and has been there ever since. As a volunteer, Laura has organized Health Fairs at the Jeffrey-Lynne Neighborhood Center and a Job Fair at the George Washington Community Center. She has participated in the Jeffrey-Lynne Surveys, and organized a clean-up campaign in the Jeffrey-Lynne area. In addition, Laura holds the position of CDAB Representative for the Walnut Neighborhood Council and the position of volunteer secretary at the Jeffrey-Lynne Neighborhood Center. Laura say she loves her community and she believes that communication and being bi-cultural is a priority. Through her Coro training, Laura would like to improve her language when she speaks in public, work more independently, and be more objective.