Beginning Summer 2021, Ally will be enabled in all Canvas course shells. 

What is Ally?

Ally is an integrated Universal Design for Learning and Accessibility Awareness tool that is integrated into Canvas. Ally helps students access alternative formats of course content, helps instructors assess the accessibility of their course content, and helps instructors remediate accessibility issues in their course website. Watch the video below to learn more about Ally’s accessibility awareness features.

What does Ally do in Canvas?

As an accessibility awareness tool, Ally helps instructors improve course content accessibility in the following ways:

  1. Ally automatically creates alternative formats of course content that students can access through Canvas.
  2. Ally checks and scores your course content and provides instructors with feedback and detailed guidance for improving course content accessibility.

Below is an overview video on Ally:

How do I add Ally to my Canvas course shell?

Beginning Summer 2021, all Canvas course shells will be enabled with Ally.  There is no need to add the Ally awareness tool.

How can I tell if Ally has been added to my Canvas?

There are two ways you can identify if Ally has been enabled in your Canvas shell:

  1. Accessibility Indicators or colored “dials” will appear next to uploaded images and course files* in Canvas.
    Ally accessibility indicators or colored dials
  2. On Canvas pages or next to course files, you will see an Alternative Formats “A” icon.
    a icon

For more information on these, please visit the Accessibility Dials and Alternative Formats pages.