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Please see our Forms page for all CETL service request forms. 


CETL provides faculty at all stages in their careers with a range of professional development services supporting teaching and scholarship.

Faculty interested in feedback are encouraged to arrange a consultation. Services may include, but are not limited to:

  • RTP Mentorship
  • Faculty writing groups
  • Informal teaching observations
  • Syllabus development (PDF) and course design (See Also the Faculty Handbook, Chapter 5 "Instructional Policies " on the syllabus).
  • Assessment
  • Concerns related to course management and/or classroom dynamics

Consultations are confidential and voluntary. Email Director Catherine Haras at to schedule a consultation.


Peer Instruction & Clickers

Are you interested in incorporating clickers in your classroom? This workshop will discuss how to incorporate peer instruction with clickers to engage your students and get them interacting with each other and your content.

Getting Started with Moodle

In this introductory workshop you will learn 10 steps to get you started using Moodle. Bring your course syllabus (e-copy and hard-copy) and start organizing your actual Moodle course. We will even create your first course assignment! (1.5 hours includes lab time)

Moodle Gradebook

Now that you are using Moodle to organize and grade your assignments, how do students know how they are doing in your course? In this workshop, we will cover how to organize your gradebook with categories, and the ideal aggregation types to use in the Moodle gradebook. We’ll also cover extra credit, dropping the lowest score, and displaying letter grades.

The Getting Started with Moodle workshop is a prerequisite for this workshop. Please ensure you have taken that workshop prior to RSVP'ing for this one.

Leveraging Multimedia

Is your course page cluttered with lots of video and web links? Or, are you hoping to include more videos and online content to supplement your course? Whether you already have a lot of content, or need help finding more, this workshop is for you. Come learn how you can embed videos into your course from YouTube, Merlot or our own Library database. We will cover how students can easily access this multimedia content in your Moodle course.

Moodle Quiz Building

Creating Moodle quizzes has become easier! Come learn how to import your quiz document to your Moodle course using Respondus. This workshop will teach you how to request the Respondus Quiz Builder software, how to correctly format your quiz files, and finally how to import the quiz to your Moodle course. You’ll learn about Respondus quiz settings to make the Moodle online quiz ready for your students.

Online Activities and Assignments

Are you thinking of changing up the assignments in your course? Come learn how to incorporate additional Moodle activities into your course. In addition to the Moodle Assignment, we will cover how you can use the Glossary, Choice, and Feedback activities and introduce you to the Moodle Wiki.

The Getting Started with Moodle workshop is a prerequisite for this workshop. Please ensure you have taken that workshop prior to RSVP'ing for this one.

Ensuring Academic Integrity with Turnitin

Turnitin is great for catching a plagiarized submission, but what can be done to prevent or discourage plagiarism before it happens? Learn how to use Turnitin inside Moodle and how it fits within a proactive strategy that can help to ensure academic integrity.

Flip a Lecture

Have you been curious about flipping your classroom? Generally, a flipped classroom is where students read or view the lecture content at home, then come to class ready to do the "homework" such as group work, problem solving, case studies, etc. In this workshop, we will cover the basics so that you can flip a lecture. The workshop includes how to use Camtasia to create lecture content for your students as well as flipping best practices.

This workshop requires an RSVP. No walk-ins are allowed as you are required to do some pre-work prior to this workshop--just like a flipped lecture would! A follow up email with confirmation of your RSVP will provide additional instructions.

LIVE! with Your Students Online

Are you looking for additional ways to interact with your students in and out of class? In this workshop you will learn how to utilize online chat rooms and an online meeting room (via Adobe Connect) to supplement your course. Hold supplemental office hours from your home or office. Start a chat session the night before the midterm.

The Getting Started with Moodle workshop is a prerequisite for this workshop. Please ensure you have taken that workshop prior to RSVP'ing for this one.