Benefits of Chem Club

Club Benefits

Our club is determined to make sure you succeed both academically and professionally.  Make the most of your college experience!

  • Academic Support. Take advantage of our many resources such as our test bank, textbook lending library, our free tutoring program, and study groups.  Need a computer? Our office has a computer available for members' use.

  • Networking with students and faculty. Cultivate friendships with others who share in your interests and career goals. Learn about graduate, career, and scholarship opportunities. Get to know our faculty through luncheons and social events such as our annual students vs. Faculty Volleyball game and Thanksgiving potluck.

  • Opportunities for leadership, mentoring. Share your experience with others!  Become a study group leader or tutor/mentor and help others succeed academically.  Motivate others by becoming an officer and helping make a difference. For active students, we have committees led by each of the officers to direct Chem Club activities. This is a great way for members to participate in different aspects of our club and develop leadership skills.

  • Career assistance. Participate in workshops, tour companies, and trips to visit Ph.D. programs and medical schools to learn more about career paths available to you.  Use our continuously updated database of job openings, summer internships, and graduate and professional schools.  It's all in one place!

  • Scholarships and awards. Active members are those who participate in club events, meetings, and committee work. Scholarships are given out every quarter to the most active members as funds are available.

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