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The Secrets Behind Digital Images

We deal with images all of the time. We have photographs, graphs, signs, buttons, cartoons, PowerPoint images, Word images, and who knows what else. On top of this we see JPEGs, GIFs, TIFFs, RAW, EPS, AI, PNG-8, and PNG-24. When you add words such as resolution, bit-mapped, rasterized, and vector images, there’s no wonder many are confused. Unfortunately, when you are confused you are just as likely to select an option that may be great in one situation but dreadful in another.

We should neither be confused by digital image types nor make mistakes in processing the images.

Digital images are really fairly simple. Thus, when preparing images for reports by scanning, taking photographs, or creating images from scratch, there’s no reason why a fantastic report should be crippled by lame images.

This one hour seminar by Gary Coyne will cover the basics of digital image types and how to obtain the results you want to present in your reports, presentations, and papers.

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