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Glass Shop

Our Department enjoys the only full service glass shop with a full time glass blower in the California State University system. Gary Coyne, the glassblower, builds and designs equipment for the faculty and students and is a pioneer in computer aided design of glassware. The glass shop is located in Bio 352, in the northwest section of the building, 3rd floor.

 Glass Shop work requests:

The Glass Shop is available for any university job. There may be extra costs incured for work done for departments other than Chemistry and Biochemistry. Glasswork may also be done for any CSU campus, an hourly rate will apply for this work.

For work a request form and other information, please go the work requests page. Please contact Gary Coyne for any questions at (323) 343-2312 or by email:

Among items made in the glass shop are vacuum lines and Schlenk lines

If needed, the glass shop will help design and improve upon current glassware

Our full time glassblower, Gary Coyne, is fully experienced (over 30 years) to handle just about all needs. He was one of the first glassblowers to utilize CAD to better satisfy his customers (since 1985). His experience in the lab for resolving many basic laboratory questions has been written into his book "The Laboratory Companion" (Wiley Scientific). This book details how to safely use the materials and equipment used in laboratories.

Lapping wheel, sander, and cut off saw used in for the production of glass apparatus in the Scientific Glassblowing Shop.

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