Chemistry & Biochemistry Faculty

Faculty, Full Time
Dr. Yong Ba
Yong Ba
Ph.D., Gerhard Mercator University, Duisburg
Office: CSWB 122B; Lab:CSWB 148/155
Telephone: (323) 343-2360
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Krishna Foster
Krishna Foster
Ph.D., University of Colorado, Boulder
Office: CSWB 222E; Lab: CSWB 249/257
Telephone: (323) 343-2309
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Anthony Fratiello
Anthony Fratiello
Ph.D., Brown University
Office: CSWB 221A
Telephone: (323) 343-2326
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Frank A. Gomez
Frank A. Gomez
Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles
Office: CSWB 122E / Lab: CSWB 145/146
Telephone: (323) 343-2368
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Scott Grover
Scott Grover
Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles
Office: La Kretz Hall 269 / Lab: LKH 260/261
Telephone: (323) 343-2339 (Lab #: 2147)

Carlos Gutierrez
Carlos Gutierrez
Ph.D., University of California, Davis
Office: CSWB 221C / Lab: CSWB 242/256
Telephone: (323) 343-2356

Michael L. Hayes
Michael L. Hayes
Ph.D., Cornell University
Office: ASCL 271
Telephone: (323) 343-2144


Yangyang Liu
Yangyang Liu
Ph.D., Texas A&M University
Office: ASCB 221E   /Lab: ASCB 247
Telephone: (323) 343-2323


Alison McCurdy
Alison McCurdy
Ph.D., California Institute of Technology
Office: ASCB 221F / ASCB 243/254
Telephone: (323) 343-2362

Jamil Momand
Jamil Momand
Ph.D., University of California Los Angeles
Office: La Kretz Hall 270 / Lab: LKH 248
Telephone: (323) 343-2361 (Lab #:2363)
Scott Nickolaisen
Scott Nickolaisen
Ph.D., University of Southern California
Office: CSWB 122A / Lab: CSWB 147/160
Telephone: (323) 343-2382

James Rudd
James Rudd
Ph.D., Iowa State University
Office: CSWB 121A / Lab: CSWB 156
Telephone: (323) 343-2219
Matthias Selke
Matthias Selke
Ph.D., University California Los Angeles
Office: CSWB 222B / Lab: CSWB 248/255
Telephone: (323) 343-2347

Wayne Tikkanen
Wayne Tikkanen
Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara
Office: CSWB 222C / Lab: CSWB 247
Telephone: (323) 343-2372

Linda Tunstad
Linda Tunstad 
Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles
Office: CSWB 222D / Lab: CSWB 241
Telephone: (323) 343-2307

Robert L. Vellanoweth
Robert L. Vellanoweth
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
Office: La Kretz Hall 272 / Lab: LKH 267/268
Telephone: (323) 343-2148 (Lab#: 5961)


Photograph of Dr. Yixian Wang
Yixian Wang
Ph.D., The City University of New York, Graduate School and University Center
Office:  BIOS 305/ Lab: BIOS 329



Dr. Xin Wen
Xin Wen
Ph.D., University of Rochester, New York
Office: CSWB 122C / Lab: CSWB 159/160
Telephone: (323) 343-2310


Feimeng Zhou
Feimeng Zhou
Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin
Office: CSWB 122D / Lab: CSWB 162/258
Telephone: (323) 343-2390

Photograph of Dr. Cecilia Zurita-Lopez
Cecilia Zurita-Lopez
Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles
Office: ASCL 251
Telephone: (323) 343-2314
Faculty and Areas of Specialization
Yong Ba (Physical and Biophysical Chemistry)

The development and applications of magnetic resonance techniques for the studies of physicochemical properties of biomedically related macromolecules, hydrogel systems and nano-structured drug carriers.

Krishna Foster

My research activities are designed to investigate the effects of sunlight on pollutants at the air-water interface.  For example, sunlight may react with elevated nitrate concentrations in watersheds to change the oxidation capacity of the water and the air.  In addition, many pesticides in air and water are decomposed by sunlight; however, little is known about the decomposition products.  My research group investigates these types of fundamental questions using ion chromatography and LC/MS/MS.

Anthony Fratiello (Physical Chemistry)
  Multinuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopic studies of metal-ion complexes, with an emphasis on the lanthanide series (EMERITUS)
Frank A. Gomez (Inorganic Chemistry)
  Biological applications of capillary electrophoresis (CE) with a particular interest in molecular recognition and analysis of in-capillary enzyme-mediated transformations; bioinorganic, bioorganometallic, and main-group synthetic chemistry.
Scott D. Grover (Biochemistry)
  Enzymes as control elements in metabolic regulation. Molecular characterization of binding sites for enzyme activators and inhibitors.
Carlos G. Gutierrez (Organic Chemistry)
  Synthetic organic chemistry. Synthesis of highly substituted crown ethers as selective ionophores and enzyme mimics; ferric ion binding ligands as potential therapeutic agents for thalassermia; and other biologically active substances.

Michael L. Hayes (Biochemistry)

  Biochemical processes and protein machinery that modify and controls ribonucleic acids (RNAs).  An improved understanding of the regulation of RNA metabolism will lead to the development of new biotechnolotical tools
Yangyang Liu (Inorganic and Materials Chemistry)

Design and synthesis of nanoporous materials (e.g. Metal-Organic Frameworks) for applications including energy storage, gas separation, carbon capture, catalysis, sensing, drug delivery and semiconductors. Our group is also interested in exploring new hybrid materials and studying the structure-property relationship through collaborations with computational scientists and industry.

Alison McCurdy (Organic Chemistry)
  Bioorganic Chemistry . Synthesis of organic molecules designed to mimic calcium signaling in cells by binding and releasing calcium ions in response to light. Investigation of the energetics of amino acid side-chain interactions in simple artificial proteins
Jamil Momand (Biochemistry)
  Redox regulation of signal transduction pathways with a particular emphasis on the p53 tumor suppressor protein. Development of new assays for quantitative and qualitative analysis of oxidation reactions of protein amino acid residues.
Scott Nickolaisen (Physical Chemistry)
  Kinetic study of the gas phase photolysis of alkanes using flash photolysis/infrared photochemical techniques.
James Rudd (Chemistry Education)

My research interests include the study and development of science
instruction that promotes active learning through the use of writing tasks, guided-inquiry methods, collaborative learning environments, and computer-based animations.

Matthias Selke (Organic Chemistry)
  Mechanistic organic, bioorganic, and organometallic chemistry, models for oxygen activation in enzymatic reactions. Organic and organometallic photochemistry. Chemistry of singlet oxygen.
Wayne Tikkanen (Inorganic/Organometallic Chemistry)
  Use of asymmetric zirconocene complexes in stereospecific synthesis; synthesis and characterization of heterobinuclear transition metal complexes.
Linda Tunstad (Organic Chemistry)
  Synthetic organic chemistry; Synthesis of macrocycles for host-guest complexation studies.
Robert L. Vellanoweth (Biochemistry)
  Characterization of biochemical and molecular genetic events in the senescence of leaf tissue in Arabidopsis thaliana. Identification and cloning of senescence-specific genes and analysis of their regulation at the transcriptional level. Genetic dissection of leaf longevity using mutational approaches.
Yixian Wang (Analytical Chemistry)

Nanoscale electrochemical imaging/analysis. Interested areas: imaging single catalytic nanoparticles and relating the catalytic efficiency to structures; studying drug-protein interaction from single cell analysis; developing electrochemical sensors for environmental and food safety

Xin Wen (Biophysical Chemistry)
  My research interests are at the chemistry-biology interface. We aim to understand the relationships between protein structure, dynamics, and function by integrating molecular biology techniques with biophysical methods (primarily NMR and CD). In particular, we are currently working on two biological systems to address how the interactions of protein-small molecule affect the structure of the protein, and accordingly the biological role of the protein: (1) Antifreeze protein and small molecule interactions, and (2) Zinc finger protein and toxic metal ion interactions.
Feimeng Zhou (Analytical Chemistry)
  Developing various sensitive instrumental methods to analyze environmentally and biologically important species using electrochemical and inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopic methods. Also, developing electrochemically- based biosensors

Cecilia Zurita Lopez (Biochemistry)


Assessing the functional role of protein arginine methylation including the effects of methylation with respect to other modifications such as phosphorylation function.