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Yong Ba
Ph.D., Gergard Merdator University, Duisburg
Office: PS 801
Telephone: (323) 343-2360
|Areas of Specialization| |classes| |research interests|

Krishna Foster
Ph.D., University of Colorado, Boulder
Office: P.S. 604
Telephone: (323) 343-2309
|Areas of Specialization| |classes| |research interests|

Anthony Fratiello
Ph.D., Brown University
Office: PS 620 / Lab: PS 619
Telephone: (323) 343-2326
|Areas of Specialization| |classes| |research interests|

Raymond Garcia
Ph.D., University of California, Riverside
Office: PS 516 / Lab: PS 515
Telephone: (323) 343-2144
|Areas of Specialization| |classes| |research interests|

Harold Goldwhite

Ph.D., Cambridge University

Office: PS 814
Telephone: (323) 343-2373
|Areas of Specialization| |classes| |research interests|

Frank A. Gomez
Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles
Office: PS 809 / Lab: PS 816
Telephone: (323) 343-2368
|Areas of Specialization| |classes| |research interests|
Scott Grover
Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles
Office: PS 530 / Lab: PS 533
Telephone: (323) 343-2339
|Areas of Specialization| |classes| |research interests|

Carlos Gutierrez
Ph.D., University of California, Davis
Office: PS 735 / Lab: PS 602 & PS 720
Telephone: (323) 343-2356
|Areas of Specialization| |classes| |research interests|

Richard Keys (Undergraduate Advisor)
Ph.D., Iowa State University (Ames)
Office: PS 807 / Lab: PS 806
Telephone: (323) 343-2366
|Areas of Specialization| |classes| |research interests|

Alison McCurdy
Ph.D., California Institute of Technology
Office: PS 709 / Lab: PS 708
Telephone: (323) 343-2362
|Areas of Specialization| |classes| |research interests|

Jamil Momand
Ph.D., University of California Los Angeles
Office: PS 803 / Lab: PS 802
Telephone: (323) 343-2361
|Areas of Specialization| |classes| |research interests|
Scott Nickolaisen
Ph.D., University of Southern California
Office: PS 837 / Lab: PS 836 & PS 850
Telephone: (323) 343-2382
|Areas of Specialization| |classes| |research interests| |cea-crest|

Thomas Onak
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
Office: PS 604 / Lab: PS 606
Telephone: (323) 343-2309
|Areas of Specialization| |classes| |research interests|

Donald Paulson
Ph.D., Indiana University
Office: PS 703 / Lab: PS 705
Telephone: (323) 343-2332
|Areas of Specialization| |classes| |research interests| |Science and Math Education|

Stanley Pine (Graduate Advisor)
Ph.D., Univ. of California, Los Angeles
Office: PS 703 / Lab: PS 704
Telephone: (323) 343-2333
|Areas of Specialization| |classes| |research interests|
Matthias Selke
Ph.D., University California Los Angeles
Office: PS 717 / Lab: PS 716
Telephone: (323) 343-2347
|Areas of Specialization| |classes| |research interests|

Wayne Tikkanen (Department Chair)
Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara
Office: PS 812 / Lab: PS 811
Telephone: (323) 343-2372
|Areas of Specialization| |classes| |research interests|

Linda Tunstad
Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles
Office: PS 711 / Lab: PS 713
Telephone: (323) 343-2307
|Areas of Specialization| |classes| |research interests|

Robert L. Vellanoweth
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
Office: PS 517 / Lab: PS 523
Telephone: (323) 343-2148
|Areas of Specialization| |classes| |research interests|
Feimeng Zhou
Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin
Office: PS 828 / Lab: PS 829
Telephone: (323) 343-2390
|Areas of Specialization| |classes| |research interests| |cea-crest|


|Jafargholi Amirmoazzami | |Vicki Anderson | |Mehves Genc| |Hyun-Kwon Kim| |Margaret Manatt| |Grey Santillan|

Jafargholi Amirmoazzami
Ph.D., Oklahoma State University
Office: PS 630
Phone: (323) 343-2351
|Areas of Specialization| |classes| |research interests|

Vicki Kubo-Anderson
M.S., Brandeis University
Office: PS 623
Phone: (323) 343-2324
|Areas of Specialization| |classes| |research interests|

Mehves Genc
Ph.D., University of California, Riverside
Office: PS 516
Telephone: (323) 343-2144
|Areas of Specialization| |classes| |research interests|

Hyun-Kwon Kim
MS, University of Southern California
Office: PS 827
Telephone: (323) 343-2391
|Areas of Specialization| |classes| |research interests|
Margaret Manatt
MS, University of Wisconsin
Office: PS 629
Telephone: (323) 343-5649
|Areas of Specialization| |classes| |research interests|

Grey Santillan
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
Office: PS 820
Telephone: (323) 343-2393
|Areas of Specialization| |classes| |research interests|

Faculty and Areas of Specialization
Yong Ba (Physical Chemistry)
  Magnetic resonance (NMR and EPR) techniques for the study of short-range-ordered systems with particular interests in the study of biomolecular recognition, porous materials, and zeolitic-inclusive-nanoclustered materials.
Krishna Foster

My research activities are designed to investigate the effects of sunlight on pollutants at the air-water interface.  For example, sunlight may react with elevated nitrate concentrations in watersheds to change the oxidation capacity of the water and the air.  In addition, many pesticides in air and water are decomposed by sunlight; however, little is known about the decomposition products.  My research group investigates these types of fundamental questions using ion chromatography and LC/MS/MS.

Joseph Bragin (Physical Chemistry)
  Function of molecules and materials of commercial and biological significance as revealed by first principles calculations of electronic structure. Improving the effectiveness of science education at the K-20 levels through innovative use of new modes of instruction and technology. Science partnerships between industry, government and education.
Anthony Fratiello (Physical Chemistry)
  Multinuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopic studies of metal-ion complexes, with an emphasis on the lanthanide series (EMERITUS).
Raymond E. Garcia (Biochemistry)
  Regulation of plasma lipoprotein, lipid, and apolipoprotein metabolism by dietary and hormonal factors.
Harold Goldwhite (Inorganic Chemistry)
  Inorganic and organometallic chemistry, including phosphorus chemistry; coordination compounds; intercalation in metal halides.
Frank A. Gomez (Inorganic Chemistry)
  Biological applications of capillary electrophoresis (CE) with a particular interest in molecular recognition and analysis of in-capillary enzyme-mediated transformations; bioinorganic, bioorganometallic, and main-group synthetic chemistry.
Scott D. Grover (Biochemistry)
  Enzymes as control elements in metabolic regulation. Molecular characterization of binding sites for enzyme activators and inhibitors.
Carlos G. Gutierrez (Organic Chemistry)
  Synthetic organic chemistry. Synthesis of highly substituted crown ethers as selective ionophores and enzyme mimics; ferric ion binding ligands as potential therapeutic agents for thalassermia; and other biologically active substances.
Richard T. Keys (Physical Chemistry)
  Magnetic resonance studies of free radicals and molecular orbital calculations (EMERITUS).
Alison McCurdy (Organic Chemistry)
  Bioorganic Chemistry . Synthesis of organic molecules designed to mimic calcium signaling in cells by binding and releasing calcium ions in response to light. Investigation of the energetics of amino acid side-chain interactions in simple artificial proteins
Jamil Momand (Biochemistry)
  Redox regulation of signal transduction pathways with a particular emphasis on the p53 tumor suppressor protein. Development of new assays for quantitative and qualitative analysis of oxidation reactions of protein amino acid residues.
Scott Nickolaisen (Physical Chemistry)
  Kinetic study of the gas phase photolysis of alkanes using flash photolysis/infrared photochemical techniques.
Thomas P. Onak (Organic Chemistry)
  Organoboron compounds; cage compounds of carbon and boron, cluster compounds in bio-active molecules (EMERITUS).
Donald Paulson (Organic Chemistry)
  Metalloporphyrins as model systems for biological oxygen transfer; mechanistic organic photochemistry; conductive polymers.
Stanley H. Pine (Organic Chemistry)
  Synthetic/ Mechanistic organic chemistry. Use of novel organometallic reagents in synthesis (EMERITUS).
Matthias Selke (Organic Chemistry)
  Mechanistic organic, bioorganic, and organometallic chemistry, models for oxygen activation in enzymatic reactions. Organic and organometallic photochemistry. Chemistry of singlet oxygen.
Wayne Tikkanen (Inorganic/Organometallic Chemistry)
  Use of asymmetric zirconocene complexes in stereospecific synthesis; synthesis and characterization of heterobinuclear transition metal complexes.
Linda Tunstad (Organic Chemistry)
  Synthetic organic chemistry; Synthesis of macrocycles for host-guest complexation studies.
Robert L. Vellanoweth (Biochemistry)
  Characterization of biochemical and molecular genetic events in the senescence of leaf tissue in Arabidopsis thaliana. Identification and cloning of senescence-specific genes and analysis of their regulation at the transcriptional level. Genetic dissection of leaf longevity using mutational approaches.
Feimeng Zhou (Analytical Chemistry)
  Developing various sensitive instrumental methods to analyze environmentally and biologically important species using electrochemical and inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopic methods. Also, developing electrochemically- based biosensors

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