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PPSA strives to provide all CalState LA students with an educational forum that offers information on the most recent pharmaceutical technology, career opportunities, and academic procedures. The organization also promotes interests and involvement in community services.
The Pre-Pharmacy Students Association began as the Pharmacy Club when it was first established in October 2002. It became a recognized student organization by the California State University, Los Angeles providing helpful pharmacy related information to over 30 students in its first year. Dr. Donald Paulson of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department is the current faculty advisor and was the first when the organization was created. PPSA has sponsored trips to local schools and hosted visits from guest speakers. Guest speakers from SavOn Pharmacy, Costco Pharmacy, Walgreens Pharmacy, USC, School of Pharmacy, and the University of the Pacific are some of the few that have visited CalState LA within the previous quarters

PPSA members by acquire vital information through the organization that will prepare them in their future goals in the fields of pharmacy and pharmaceuticals. The organization works extremely hard year after year in provided the most updated information to prospective pre-pharmacy students in preparation for their career in the field of pharmacy or pharmaceutical science. Here are some of the PPSA benefits:

Enhance your resume by becoming a recognized member and a participant in a recognized campus organization. Pharmacy schools always look at the prospective student’s extracurricular activities.

Learn important information about the various application processes and the new online application service (PHARMCAS). Learn Do’s and Don’ts about how/when to apply and what do expect during the interview process.

Become knowledgeable in the diverse career goals in the fields. Guest speakers from different pharmaceutical companies provide members with a broader concept of what to expect in the actual world.

Help improve the well being of surrounding communities and add volunteer work to your academic profile.

For information on how to become a PPSA member, go to Join Us.