Mulutimedia minor

The Multimedia minor offers students an opportunity to learn about and to participate in the development of multimedia products.

The minor is intended for students with a wide range of interests and expertise. It prepares students for jobs in which they can apply their particular expertise to the development of multimedia products.

Multimedia products range from web sites and CD's to interactive videos—even rides at amusement parks. In general, a product is considered multimedia if it is interactive, i.e., if it gives the user some control over how the product is experienced.

Development of a multimedia product almost always requires a team. No one person has the skills necessary to develop a multimedia product on his or her own. Each member of a multimedia team brings his or her special competencies to the team; and each member of the team must be able to work with other team members who have other skills.

Students who minor in multimedia are exposed to many of the skills represented on a multimedia team. This exposure will give the student an appreciation of the capabilities embodied in these various skill area.

In addition, each participant is required to develop at least one skill to a sufficient level of competence that he or she can contribute that skill to the development of a multimedia product.

  • For breadth, each student must complete at least 3 units from each of three of the skill areas listed below.

  • For depth, each student must complete the full requirements for a fourth skill area.

Skill Areas

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