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Luckman Intimate Theatre (Admission Fee)


Cante Jondo para Aztlán is an eclectic multimedia performance directed by poet-singer, performance artist and activist Antonieta Villamil. To intensify the poetic experience, she interweaves Cante Jondo or DEEP SONG arrangements of her poetry with pieces of music, visual art and dance done by local Latino and Chicano artists. The result is an alchemical mixture of rhythms and voices ranging from the Middle-East, India, Spain, Africa, to the Latino African, and indigenous peoples of America.

Poet and Cante Jondo singer,
Antonieta Villamil


Visual Art from Immigrant Series by visual artists Yolanda Londoño and Alberto Gómez. Musician Martin

Espino http// Flamenco Dancer: Claudia de la

Cruz with guitarist Omar Avalos http//

ANTONIETA VILLAMIL ( Author of seven books, born and raised in Colombia, and residing in Los Angeles since 1980, is an international award winning bilingual poet, Cante Jondo singer, narrator, editor, translator and activist. Included in the documentary

film Poetry In War Time, her work focuses on the forgotten ones and honors them with a voice. Villamil edits and translates the collection Poetry Solos / Solos de Poesía, directs the poetry workshop and the press and poetry review Casa de Poesía / House of Poetry and, a Spanish language radio show for 90.7FM Los Angeles, on contemporary poets. International poetry prize Gastón Baquero 2001 with her book Cliff of dream" / "Los acantilados del sueño published in Madrid, Spain by Verbum press. Prose Poems Project Prize 2001, for Migration fields, Poetry in Motion Project for the poem Green Shoes/Zapatos Verdes, a poster showcased on Los Angeles MTA buses. Ann Stanford Poetry Prize Finalist in 2001 with The animal you seek.

Villamil has presented her poetry in a multimedia performance at literary events in Palacio de Bellas Artes and Casa de Poesía Ramón Lopez Velarde in Mexico city, at Casa de Poesía Silva and The National Library in Bogotá, Colombia, at The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books in UCLA & The Latino Book Festival in Los Angeles, and at poets & writers international conferences, festivals and book fairs in the United States, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Canada & Spain, etc.


MARTÍN ESPINO is a Los Angeles based scholar/performer/composer on Ancient Mexican Musical Instruments will present a new musical creation to compliment the poetry performance of poet, Antonieta Villamil. The instruments he creates and performs on have come from his ancestors in Ancient Mexico as well as from other parts of Ancient North, Central and South America. He has performed with indigenous musicians from Mexico, the Ecuadorian Rain Forest, Peru, Bolivia and The United States. He believes in "education, peace, respect of the earth and in knowing one's self/ancestry". In his own words: "The sounds of the ancestors are in me because I am Mexicano of Indigenous Yaqui and Tepehuano ancestry". He holds a "Bachelor of Music Degree with Honors in Performance" (1978) in Classical Guitar and research/performance on instruments of the Medieval and Renaissance eras. He has been teaching music to adults and children for 35 years.

As the composer/artistic director of NAHUALLI ENSEMBLE, he has received awards from ASCAP and Meet The Composer/CA for "New Traditional Works". He has composed music for theater, video and t.v. commercials as well as for such artist ensembles as Amy Knoles, California E.A.R. Unit, Southwest Chamber Ensemble and No Mambo.


CLAUDIA DE LA CRUZ, with Andalusian blood born in Monterrey, Mexico, founded her own Flamenco Dance Company Tierra Flamenca in So. California. She is a flamenco dancer and choreographer, who performs with a pure gypsy style. Her work measures the movement of the heart with soul and passion. Claudia de la Cruz alternates performing and teaching at Cultural Stage of Art in Santa Ana, a non-profit organization founded by her, mainly focused on quality flamenco instruction, ballet, art, music, theatre and culture development for children and youth. For a complete biography go to

Luckman Intimate Theatre (Free)


Cannibal and the Headhunters were formed in the Ramona Garden Housing
projects in East Los Angeles in 1964. The original members were Frankie "Cannibal" Garcia, Joe "Yo Yo" Jaramillo, Robert "Rabbit" Jaramillo, and Richard "Scar" Lopez. They skyrocketed to fame and out of the barrios of East L.A. and to national prominence with their version of "Land of a Thousand Dances," which includes the most famous and most recorded phrase in the history of Rock 'n' Roll - Naa, Na, Na, Na, Naa, which was written by "Cannibal" when he accidentally forgot the original lyrics at a performance and started adlibbing. The group's current members are lead vocalist Greg Esparza, First Tenor Tony D'Arc, second tenor Danny Bolero,, and features original founding member, Richard "Scar" Lopez on baritone vocal.

Luckman Street of the Arts (Free)

Ollin is at the heart of music, which is profoundly influencing American culture and reinterpreting the image of Mexican Americans. With their fusion of classic rock & roll and traditional Mexican music, Scott Rodarte, Billy Branch, Randy Rodarte and Raul "Ralo" Calzada create a beat that makes you get on your feet and dance without caring where it came from or what language it is in.

SUNDAY, MAY 1, 2005

Luckman Intimate Theatre (Free)

Based in Los Angeles, California, In Lak Ech is a performance poetry collective of Xicana multi-media artists, writers, students, and organizers uniting to tell Her-story through canto, comedy, poetry, and observation. Felicia Montes, Marisol Tores, Claudia Mercado, and Cristina Gorocica convey a unique blend of modern day oral tradition, exploring politics, spitrituality, love, and

SUNDAY, MAY 1, 2005
Luckman Intimate Theatre (Admission Fee)

Driverz Licenz Project
A multimedia performance by poet/performance artist, Juan Felipe Herrera, graffiti artist, Nuke and Video Artist, Adan Avalos.

Juan Felipe Herrera

Before the performance, Juan Felipe Herrera will introduce winners of the first annual "Reel Rasquache" Poetry Contest sponsored and judged by Statement, CSULA's literary magazine. Winners of the contest include Bernie Carrasco, Jasmine Colbert, Michael Langford Whitlow, all graduate students in the Creative Writing option of the M.A. in English, and Emmanuel Sabaiz a senior in English. The students will read their winning poems, which are printed in the festival program book.

Juan Felipe Herrera has published nineteen books and has won numerous awards and fellowships including two National Endowment for the Arts Writers' Fellowships, four California Arts Council grants, the UC Berkeley Regent's Fellowship, the Breadloaf Fellowship in Poetry and the Stanford Chicano Fellows Fellowship. In "The Driver's Licenz Project," he will invite the audience to consider the significance of driver's licenses to the freedom and identity of those living in Los Angeles.

Joseph "Nuke" Montalvo

Joseph "Nuke" Montalvo is one of the most talented and respected graffiti and mural artists in Los Angeles. He has been commissioned to create murals for several public and private organizations, schools, and merchants in California, Washington and Mexico. As a leading member of the Eastside media arts collective Smokin' Mirrors, Joseph has art directed videos for local Chicana/o musicians Blues Experiment, Quetzal, and Aztlán Underground. He is also a member of Earth Crew, an indigenous arts collective based in Los Angeles.

Adan Avalos

Video artist, Adan Avalos finds creative inspiration from his family and community in Madera, Califas. He is currently enrolled in the Ph.D. program in Cinema-Television Critical Studies at USC. His works featured in The Driverz Licenz Project include Self-Portrait (2004, 1 min., English), The Ballad of Everardo Torres (2004, 6 mins., English/Spanish w/subtitles) in memory of a victim of police violence, and his tribute to Mexploitation movies, La Cucaracha in Babylon (2004, 6 mins., English).




Saturday April 23 - Friday, May 13

California State University, Los Angeles John F. Kennedy Memorial Library North, 1st Floor

Hours: M-Th 8AM to 10PM
Friday 8AM to 5PM
Saturday 9AM to 7PM
Sunday 10AM to 8PM

Who defines you? What defines you? Define YOURSELF.

An exhibition of mixed-media EXPRESSIONS of the U.S. Latino experience, featuring work by renowned Los Angeles graffiti muralist, Joseph "Nuke" Montalvo, design artist Frank Acosta, reciclarte sculptor Josue Meneses (AKA XOSU3) and introducing work by:

Eduardo Anguiano
Sandra A. Canizales
Rebeca Guerrero
Eduardo Mayorga
Jason J. Loya
Azul Mares-Del Grasso
Argelis Ortiz
Ester A. Petschar


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Friday April 29
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