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2005 Film Events
April 29, 30, and May 1, 2005

SATURDAY, APRIL 30, 2005-Day Two
Unless indicated as Free, all other programs require an admission payment.

11:00am-1:00pm PROGRAM 2 (Luckman Intimate Theatre) Made possible by CSULA Educational Opportunity Program

The West Coast Eastside Sound Story
Featuring East Los Angeles Rock Legends of the 60's (Prod. Hector A. Gonzalez, Miroslava Gonzalez, Dir. Jimmy Velarde, 2005, Documentary, DVD, 30 mins., USA, English)

Live Music: Cannibal and the Headhunters

1:30pm-3:00pm PROGRAM 3 (Luckman Intimate Theatre) Made possible by SONY Pictures, CSULA Instructional Related Activities Program

Los Angeles High School Student Film Showcase

Teacher: Pamela Cohen

(Dir. Leidy Cruz, Erick Gonzalez, Jose Prospero, Josefa Solis, Jorge Sosa, 2002, Experimental Documentary, DVD, 4 mins., USA, Spanish, English w/subtitles)
Everyday objects bring back memories of family who remain in the home country.

El Viaje/The Trip
(Prod./Dir. Inry Bonilla, Johan Delgado, Edinson Moscoso, Bayardo Pinzon, Rodolfo Rodriguez, 2002, Documentary, DVD, 12 mins., USA, Spanish w/subtitles)
Teens reflect on their journeys to the U.S. from Mexico and South and Central America.

Teacher: Mr. James Gleason

El Reencuentro
(Dir. Felix Yong, Writ. Felix Yong, Alvaro Alzamora, 2005, Drama, DVD, 5 mins., USA, Spanish)
Reuniting with someone after having left in search of a better life.

Mas Alla del Futbol/More Than Soccer (Dir. Ernesto Fuentes, Writ. Johnny Hernandez, 2003, Documentary, DVD, 8 mins., USA, Spanish, English w/subtitles)
Weekend soccer is more than a sport for Latino families.

Teacher: Paolo Davanzo

Photo Booth of Change
(Dir. EPFC Girls, Experimental, DVD, 4 mins., USA, English) A unique and timely spin on a classic artifact.

True Beauty
(Dir. Vicky Herrera, Documentary, DVD, 6 mins., USA, English) A refreshing reaffirmation that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Teacher: Adam Watstein

Keep Right
(Writ./Dir. Mantas Zvinakevicius, Comedy/Drama, DVD, 10 mins., USA, English) Want to be a pimp? There's only one place to go.

The Foreign Exchange Samurai
(Writ./Dir. Guillermo Gonzalez, Comedy/Drama, DVD, 9 mins., USA, English) One of the last great samurai warriors has a tough walk to school.

Teacher: Tom McCluskey

(Writ./Dir. Alberto Camacho, Drama, DVD, 6 mins., USA, English)
A boy tries to win a girl's heart with his words.

New Life
(Dir. Sam Felix, Writ. Elia Galvan, Drama, DVD, 5 mins., USA, Spanish/English)
Challenges faced by an new immigrant high school student.

3:14pm-4:15pm Live Music: Ollin (Luckman Avenue of the Arts) Made possible by CSULA Rockefeller Humanities Residency Program

4:30pm-6:00pm Panel: Intersections of U.S. Latino Filmmaking and the Arts
(Luckman Intimate Theatre)

In the arena of U.S. Latino filmmaking, what are strategies for networking and resource pooling among diverse Latina/o artistic talents? In other words, how might Latina/o creative communities interface, collaborate, and organize to advance the cause and support the production of U.S. Latino independent filmmaking? What have been, are, can be or should be cross-fertilizations of filmmaking with Latino influences in music, design, literature? Join film director and music video producer, Albert Xavier (Festival opening night's Red Passport/Pasaporte Rojo and For Her/Por Ella) and this panel of experts in the film arts as they explore these and other questions.

6:30pm-8:30pm PROGRAM 4
Other Shades of Brown
(Luckman Intimate Theatre)

World Premiere
Lucha Libre 4 Life

(Prod./Writ./Dir. Gerardo Sanchez, 2004, DVD, 23 mins., USA, Spanish w/subtitles)
Extensive research and compelling archival footage are well crafted to present this look inside the history and culture of Mexican wrestling.

Life's a Pit (Writ./Prod./Dir. Angela Flores, 2004, Documentary, DVD, 8 mins., USA,
Latina punks and their views and philosophies on the punk culture in East L.A.

East Los Premiere
Mind If I Call You Sir?

photographer: Rebeka Rodriguez
(Prod./Writ. Karla E. Rosales, Dir. Mary Guzman, 2004, Documentary, Video, 34 mins., USA, English)
An oral history video project documenting queer Latina/o histories through testimonies on gender expression by self-identified Butch Lesbians and Female-To Male Transgendered individuals. Winner of the 2004 Frameline28 Audience Award For Best Short and 2005 SFSU Women's Film Festival Best Local Talent Award, this groundbreaking project is produced by native San Franciscan of Nicaraguan descent, queer femme, researcher, cultural worker, archivist, and youth advocate, Karla E. Rosales and is directed by Cuban American, Florida born, Southern California raised, San Francisco State University graduate, Mary Guzmán.

(Dir. Stephanie Cisneros, Video, 8 mins., USA, Spanish/English w/subtitles)

In this provocative high school entry from The Echo Park Film Center, seventeen year-old filmmaker Stephanie Cisneros invites Latina/o residents of Echo Park to assess the area's current state of commercial, class and race politics.

California Premiere
Generaciones/Generations: Cultural Identity, Memory and the Market (Prod./Dir.Lisa Peñaloza, 2005, DVD, 48 mins., USA, English and Spanish w/subtitles)
How does it feel to be targeted as a "market"? Mexican-Americans of various generations in the US come share cultural experiences and memories, and assess the role of the market in the development of their communities. Director, Lisa Peñaloza is Associate Professor of Marketing at the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Her research examines the tensions between market and community development, and ideals and practices of democracy as compared to capitalism. Her work has been published in the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Homosexuality, and Journal of Public Policy and Marketing. This is her first film.

9:00pm-10:30pm PROGRAM 5
Focus on Jesus Salvador Trevino
(Luckman Intimate Theatre)

In Search of Aztlán
(Dir. Jesús Salvador Treviño, Writ. Espíritu Tonantzín, 2003, Docu-Comedy, DVD, 57 mins., Aztlán)
Follow the Chicano comedy trio Culture Clash on a whimsical journey in search
of the mythical Aztlán - the ancient homeland of the Aztec people believed by many to be located somewhere in the southwestern United States - using a map they've discovered and riding in a 1952 lowrider Chevy. In Search of Aztlán balances dramatized comedy scenes with documentary interviews to explain the myth and history of Aztlán.

10:30pm-12:00am Rasquache Reception (JFK Library North Sunken Patio)



Day One
Fri. April 29, 2005

Day Two
Sat. April 30, 2005


Day Three
Sun. May 1, 2005


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